Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling vibhu take me to a heaven of love. Vibhu and anita dance on a romantic song. Anguri and tiwari see this from their balcony. As vibhu has worn a turban and covered face they think it is bahubali. Anguri gets excited and says lets check if its bahubali. Anguri and tiwari go at anitas door and ring bell. Anita comes and anguri tells her that where is bhaubali and she was dancing with him and i want to meet him. Anita says no why will i dance with bahubali? Anguri n tiwari tell we have seen. Anita is forced and then says that yes bahubali is someone very close to her. Anguri says call him. Anita calls vibhu and vibhu comes and opens the cover of his face. Anguri is amazed to see vibhu as bahubali. She admires him. Vibhu feels happy. Tiwari thinks this cant

be bahubali.
Next day morning anguri is watering plants and vibhu goes there. Anguri welcomes him and says she is a big fan of his and can she take a selfie. Vibhu says ok and they take a selfie with pout. Then he goes.
At tea stall tiwari is sitting and happu singh and tika insult and mock at him. They telling him he is just an ordinary man selling undergarments and see vibhu is bahubali. Tiwari slaps tika and tells shut up and vibhu is fake. Tika tells dont say that or else we will bash you. Vibhu comes. Happu singh tells tika that leave that stupid tiwari and see here bahubali has come. Tika goes and falls at vibhus legs and he cries and says i love you and please take me under you. Happu singh goes for a selfie. Tiwari is angry.
At home vibhu goes and sees there is a lot of fruits and ration at home and he says we are only two and why did you bring so much? Anita says your fans have sent it. Vibhu says we are cheating people. Anita asks him but are you enjoying it? Vibhu says yes very much and everyone is loving me and i have got respect. Anita tells then see that respect and nothing else.
At anguris home vibhu goes and he sits on sofa. Anguri is amazed and says wow you have come and see i have made kheer for you. Vibhu says thank you. Anguri then asks him how are you feeling after being bahubali? Tiwari comes. Vibhu says to himself that here comes the villain. Tiwari sits and tells anguri that vibhu is fraud. Anguri tells dont say that about vibhu and you go i want to talk with bahubali about something. Tiwari irks and goes. Anguri asks vibhu have you made everyone sisters now? Vibhu says except two.
Anita at home tells vibhu that you are looking great in this bahubali getup. She then tells him to pick her because no one ever wearing a turban has picked her. Vibhu says i will go to the washroom.

Precap: anguri tells vibhu to pick a cyilinder and show his skills. Vibhu goes and picks a small jar. Anguri says this is not a cylinder. There tiwari becomes bahubali as vibhu and covers his face. He goes and touches anguri. Anguri says what are you doing vibhu and dont assault me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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