Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and malkhan coming home. Vibhu says why did you come? They tell they came to take the coolers air. Vibhu says not today and go away. Tika blackmails him and says he will go at teachers house. Vibhu is angry but takes them in. anita says why today? Vibhu tells let it be and says I am not in a mood to argue. Uncle comes and sits. Vibhu says so how many days are u going to stay? Uncle says I come to stay and not a day happens that you start asking this question. Tiwari tells he is worried about your health as London is cold and in this heat you may get ill. Uncle says he wont and he is scared of only 2 people. One is his wife and other is tiwaris mom and he will not be able to stay there if tiwaris mom comes. Tiwari says let her come. Uncle says I heard that and goes

and tells vibhu to sleep with anguri and tiwari with anita. They are compelled to do this and everyone sleep.

Out teacher and happu singh are searching for the cooler.happu singh gets a call and its commissioner and he abuses happu and tells him to find the cooler fast. Happu says okay and he and teacher go to find the cooler.

At night uncle gets up and goes to washroom. The door is knocked. Tiwari tells tika to open the door. Tika opens the door and its tiwaris mom. She slaps tika. Tika goes and sleeps. Mom comes in and sees the mess and tiwari sleeping with anita and anguri with vibhu. She wakes up tiwari. Tiwari screams and so does everyone as they see mom. Anita tells mom that she and anguri were sleeping and she doesnt know when in sleep she came here and anguri went there. Mom says okay and now sleep with your husbands. They sleep. Mom says i will go up and freshen up. She goes. As uncle is coming everyone hear the voice and anita and anguri again switch places and anguri sleeps with vibhu and anita with tiwari. Uncle comes and sleeps. He again gts up as his stomach is bad and goes to washroom. Mom is coming and hearing the voice anita and anguri again switch places. Anguri says what happened? Mom tells i will sleep here. She sleeps but tikas hand falls on her so mom tells she is feeling uncomfortable and says i will go up and sleep and she goes up to sleep. As mom goes uncle again comes and anguri and anita switch places and sleep back. Uncle sleeps.
Next day, vibhu escorts uncle out who is about to go. Uncle sits in auti. Tiwari says dont ever comeback. Uncle says why? Tiwari tells because you may fall ill. Uncle says okay. Vibhu says give me property. Uncle says okay and goes. Tiwari and vibhu are talking and say good that no one knows they stole the cooler. Anita hears from behind. Tiwari and vibhu then see behind and are shocked and scared.
At home anita and anguri tell that they cant take this robbed coolers air. They then ask that why did you steal the cooler? Tiwari says that anguri you only needed it and we had to because you were not ready to comply. Vibhu tells anita that yes and he told her that ac and coolers are not there but still she did not listen. Vibhu then tells that they have 2 options now, that they use the cooler and no one gets to know it otherwise he and tiwari go and silently put the cooler back to teachers place. Anguri and anita say okay and go and put it back to where the stole it from.
At night tiwari and vibhu bring the cooler to teachers house. They keep it down and say to each other that they will put it back and no one will get to know. Happu singh comes from behind and says he knows about it and come with him to the police station. Tiwari says that he and vibhu found the cooler somewhere so they thought its masterjis and bought here to put it back. Happu says he is not mad and he knows it all. Vibhu tells okay then and how much bribe will you take? Happu says you will buy me? Vibhu says yes and happu says 10k rs. Vibhu says no and tiwari says he will give 500. Happu says no and says 3k. Vibhu says forget it and take 1k and go. Happu says okay give. He takes 1k rs from tiwari. Teacher comes out and says he heard everything and he knows who took bribe to hide this crime and who committed the crime. He takes a stick and beats everyone on their butt and goes and sleeps. Tiwari vibhu and happu go in pain.
Next day tiwari comes out as it is very hot and says when will this heat go. Anguri comes and says to tiwari that she is tired of bathing and its too hot. There vibhu and anita come out and anita says she doesnt want that stolen coolers air and he will use a handfan and give her air. Vibhu says what? Vibhu then goes to anguri and asks her how she is. Tiwari comes to anita. Anguri and anita say it should rain and anguri prayd to god to rain. Vibhu says it doesnt happen like that. Suddenly clouds come and it starts raining. Everyone start dancing in the rain. Happu singh teacher and laddo also come. They start dancing in the rain. Saxena sits beside and looks at rain and says i dont like it.

preacp: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Think it’s a silly drama… 2 men that fancy the neighbours wives n dream bout them all the time. Sickening guys.

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