Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Tiwari sent to Central Jail.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori walks Anita and asks how is she doing,Anita say all good just worried about the Happu matter,but Vibhu knows i dont like all these things,Angoori says even i trust Tiwari,Anu says im sorry to say but Tiwari is greedy when it comes to these things,Angoori says no i think Vibhu is more greedy, Tiwari is innocent,Prem rushes in and infroms them Happu arrested Tiwari and Vibhu for robbery in Atm,Anu says stop lying,Angoori says yes shame on you please leave,Anu says come let’s go police station.

Malkhan says what is this illness,Tilu says harmonal disbalance is what it is called, Gupta walk to them and says report is here and i was right,Tikka Tilu start laughing,Tikka goes and kisses doctor,Tilu and Malkan feel insecure, Gupta says Tikka i want your blood samples too.


whacking Vibhu and Tiwari,And says how dare you steal when im here, Vibhu says we just signed for arrest,Happu says just keep with the act,Vibhu and Tiwari say sorry we did this,you are the best in the town,Sir says enough Happu come out,they have accepted their deed and i see your terror, Hapu says it was my dream to be a loyal officer abd eliminate crime from this world,Anu and Angoori walk in and say not until officer like you are here,Happu introduces them,Sir asks why did they say that,Anu says let me tell,Happu says dont,Anu says the two men in lock up are our husbands,Sir asks how did is it,Angoori says iits all a act,Anu says and directed by Happu for 2 lakhs birbe,Tiwari and Vibhu say we dont know them and they are lying,Anu and Angoori ask them to swear,they swear on eachother,both get angry and leave.

Commissioner calls Happu and tells his promotion has been cancelled and office is been positioned in your office as senior inspector, inspector says distribute sweets go, Hapu says going right away, inspector says you two go central jail now.

Tilu says you two behaving this way because you been haunted by girls because you eve tease them,Gupta walks to them and says Tikka you suffering from harmonal disbalance,Tilu asks how will this be cured, Gupta says medicine has no cure for this but tantra mantra may help you and i can do that for them,Tilu gets up and kisses Gupta, Gupta says Tilu blood samples please.

Daddy Anu and Angoori visit central jail,Angoori says even daddy was arreated once for illegal land acquisition,Vibhu and Tiwari walk to them,both apologise,daddy says mistakes happen its fine, and pokes Tiwari’s eye and asks why did you do this,Vibhu says we didn’t do anything,daddy says let’s go im feeling suffocating here.

Anu and Angoori with Happu and threat him,if he doesn’t get their husbands out they wont spare him,Happu says calm down,i didn’t know officer will be posted here for 2 years,and let them stay there for some time for change,Angoori says you too go their for change,Anu says just get our husbands out.

Happu tells inspector the truth,he shows happu a photo and says this is my neighbours wife,Happu asks why is it any affair,he says shut-up,my village was facing floods,her husband trying to save her died and our village lost a capable man, and so i always keep this woman pic so i never marry,women make man week,Happu says you are right,my wife is so demanding,he says so to fulfill her demands you do whatever you can,like bribes,happu says yes.

Pre cap: Tiwari and Vibhu tell Angoori and Anu they got so beaten that officers broke 12 rods,Anu says i will do something and that is to flea you from jail.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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