Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti tikka and malkhan playing poker,tikka says bhaiya you are so impressive in presenting this game,a women passing bye in a car sees him,malkhan says tikka he is master in this,Vibhu says yes I’m a born gambler,tikka says I give up.vibhu says play don’t give up soon,even the smallest of the cards work for the best,Vibhu says I shall play blind and they start betting.tiwari joins them and sits behind tikka, tikka gives up,malkhan and Vibhu continue and later show,malkhan says this game is mine 3 queens,Vibhu says not so soon,I haven’t seen my cards yet and shows his cards confidently guessing it right as 3 kings the lady gets impressed by Vibhu.

Tiwari says he is very big gambler its tough to defeat him,Vibhu says wanna have a game,Tiwari says I know I shall loose

but still let’s have a game,Tiwari impressed by Vibhutis style of presenting cards,Vibhu says let’s begin the game,will you have a blind game,Tiwari says let’s try.Vibhu Tiwari and malkhan start game.Vibhu wins the game.

Anita waiting for Vibhu says I called all his friends where is he,what shall I do with him,Vibhu walks in and says shoot me,Anita says if I was a criminal I would and where were you,Vibhu says I was at prems to solve his dispute with his wife,Anita says liar he is in locker happu Singh caught him from casino,so where were you,Vibhu says I was at tea stall just chilling,Anita says what but,Vibhu says nothing excuse me and leaves.

Anguri waiting for Tiwari,gives him a call but he doesn’t answer,Anguri says what’s wrong with him doesn’t come home early neither receives my calls,Tiwari walks in and says didn’t you sleep,Anguri says how could u when you werent here,where were you, Tiwari says was your sleep in my pockets and I was at shop,Anguri says liar,tilu bhaiya told me you left shop early,Tiwari says I went to see an client,Anguri asks which,Tiwari says stop bugging me let me take shower and goes inside bathroom,Anguri calls Amaji,and says I’m not good,and tells her the situation,and says he does nothing with me and comes late too,Amaji says oh I forgot to tell you pandit Ramphal told me that Tiwari will have a tough month and so you will have to take care of him and also keep an eye on him,he may even go other ways,Anguri says ok ok.

Panditji goes to see Anguri and says Ramphal Panditji sent me,Anguri says how come,he says Tiwari bhaiya and your kundali are in bad state and it signs that he may get influenced by other women and fall for her,Anita hears this and says if you want money tell her she will give you but why tell lies,he says no bhabhiji instead I even read your kundali and it signs you soon will be bar dancing.

Vibhuti on call with Prem says yes I will return your money I know its 40000 but remember I will give you 50,happu hears this and walks to him and says when will this day rise you jobless,Vibhu says im good for nothing how will i earn I keep trying but fail,happu says may god help you and leaves,Vibhu says he never does,the lady stops her car in front of Vibhu and says god heard you,Vibhu says I didn’t recognise you,she says I’m johari I search diamonds,Vibhu says you are wrong Im just a pebble,she says don’t blame yourself I have seen your shine,but this society has covered it and I shall get it back,Vibhu asks what’s my shine,she says gambling,and you can earn huge out of it and world will be in your feet,Vibhu says that’s my dream,she says here’s money get some reach clothes and come blue diamond club.

Anguri on call says what your husband is gambling don’t give him food,these people are very bad,they may even sell their wives one day,Vibhu listening to all this,Vibhu says hello,who were you talking too,Anguri says my sister,her husband is addicted to gambling,Vibhu says why do you hate gamblers,Anguri says I hate them so much that I want to shoot them all,Vibhu asks why but I mean if I was a gambler,Anguri says you wouldn’t be here standing,your head would be in two pieces,Vibhu says and if Tiwari was a gambler,Anguri says I would commit suicide in Ganges,Vibhu says push him why should you kill yourself,Anguri says calm down he isn’t a gambler,and he will never be one,for instance I can say you will turn to a gambler but not him.

Vibhu says she is right I’m a gambler but I have to hide it from her or else she will hate me. Vibhu gets dressed for Casino,he gets a Call and says yes I will be there in 1/2 hour,Anita walks to him and asks where and all dressed and so late ,Vibhu says work,Anita says so late,Vibhu says I said work not party ,Anita say show do I know its Party or work,vibhu says I won’t return until I finish my work and also not explain till I’m back,Anita says are you doing something illegal,vibhuti ignores and leaves.

Pre cap : Vibhuti Tiwari at casino. Happu Singh is bribed for not entering casino,he sees Vibhu and asks her who is this man in hat,she says its the man who plays for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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