Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita is sitting and remembering the moments she spent with vibhuti and comes in tiwari and he calls anita but she is lost in thoughts and he calls again and tiwari asks y r u so upset and anita says tat vibhuti has no time for me so I was seeing our album and remembering the moments we spent and tiwari says tat y do u see it u should not don’t u get bore of it and anita says y should I get bore do u get bore of anguri and tiwari says no and then anita says tat even u feel the same tat we r getting detached from our life partners and tiwari says yes and then he says to anita if u ever get bored do call me and anita says u r not vibhuti u can never take his place and tiwari murmurs tat atleast once u give me a chance and anita says tiwari again I can see ur lips moving

wat u were saying and he says tat I was saying tat its really sad and then anita says there is no solution and tiwari says I will get a solution soon and leaves and anita says tat tiwari has gone crazy and she says tat I miss vibhuti
Saxena is counting and labeling the tifins and pela is also ready to leave and there comes tiwari he asks saxena how is new job going on saxena says tat he gives me 4 shocks daily they are not satisfactory but he has promised tat he will increase it and then tiwari lies to saxena tat hear near by there are wires lying down and u can get a good shock and saxena says tat I will be back in a min and leaves and tiwari then asks pela to go and bring a match stick and he gives him a lighter and tiwari says tat I need a match stick to clean my ears and gives him to bring money and pela leaves and tiwari picks the tifin of happu singh and adds jamal gotta and says once he eats this food he will spread the news and anguri and vibhutis business will stop and he leaves
Saxena comes and says wat lier is tiwari brother there was no wire and comes pela and saxena asks pela where were u and asks pela did u see tiwari and comes vibhuti and asks saxena u haven’t left yet and he says I was just leaving and comes anguri running and she gives saxena happu singhs tifin and saxena says tat I already have it and anguri says no this is happu singhs tifin and she takes the tifin with already tagged hapu singh removes it and sticks it on the other tifin and says tat this is tiwaris tifin and says this one is tiwari and there are parathas in it as he has gasses and vibhuti says he is useless and anguri says pls don’t talk about him like this and then vibhuti says tat later pls tell me the menu so tat I will bring the material
Happu singh is sitting at the tea stall and he had his food sent by anguri and comes there tiwari and asks hapu singh is all ok and he says yes and says tat ur wife cooks really good food and tiwari says u don’t ur wife cook and he says she just gives birth to childrens and then tiwari asks him is everything ok with ur stomach and he says yes and after sometime tiwaris stomach starts aching and he runs home and constantly goes to bathroom he has got the loose motions and he gets restless due to it and calls ladu and asks him to go and get some medicine from doctor ladu says tat I will call doctor and tiwari says tat no just bring medicine and ladu goes
Anguri comes home from work and calls tiwari but cant see him and then ladu comes and tells tat he is not well he has got loose motions and I have given medicine anguri then says u should sit with him and then she goes and meet tiwari he looks really ill and she asks him y didn’t u tell me and he says tat u were busy in ur business I didn’t want to disturb u and here after u will do business and I will take care of me and ladu and anguri gets very emotional and next day anita is having coffee and comes tiwari and asks y did u call me early morning and anita tells tat I was thinking tat we should not stop them from doing business and even tiwari says tat even I have thought of it and tiwari says tat I m there for u we will spend time together and then anita says tat I have decided tat I will support vibhuti and tiwari also says tat even I have decided the same and comes in anguri and vibhuti and vibhuti says tat anita I have to tell something tat I m again jobless and she asks wat happen and he says tat we are going to stop our business and tiwari says tat I told u anguri tat vibhuti is useless now see he broke the partnership with him and anguri says no and vibhuti tells tat anguri has decided to stop the business and anita asks y anguri entire Kanpur is talking about ur business and tiwari also says tat I have planned to support u and anguri says no actually while doing business I felt tat we are getting detached I cannot give u enough time and u also fall ill and did not give u time so I have decided to stop and vibhuti says she is such a nice woman u should wash her legs and drink tat water and tiwari goes close to anguri and she says u can bring water from kitchen.

Tiwari is singing song in sleep and he says tat will meet u where anguri is not there and she gets shocked to hear it next day she tells vibhuti tat tiwari is having affair he was singing a song in his dreams and vibhuti gets happy after listening and asks who is the girl and she says I don’t know and vibhuti says while sleeping in his dreams tiwari surely take her name and we will find out tat girl

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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