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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita getting up at night, she sees vibhu is not there and says where did this vibhu go? There vibhu comes In silently and removes hi shoes and thinks anita is sleeping. He sees anita beside and gets scared and says you are awake? Anita says yes where were you? Vibhu says doing the work for something you want the most, vibhu removes 10k rupees and gives anita and says see this I earned money. Anita says oh my god you earned 10k rupees? Vibhu says yes in one night. Anita says you must have gambled. Vibhu says I swear I did not do any such thing and earned by my hard work. Anita says but who give this much money? Vibhu says from my talent and Kanpur is a big city and I did it by putting my honor down. Vibhu takes anitas swear and says I have earned by hard work, he

goes in bathroom. Anita says he took my swear and he wont lie but at least he earned money.
Next day at tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and happu comes talking on phone and says yes that women is very hot and dances well and she is good. Tika and malkhan say he must be talking about gulfam kali, happu says her name is masakali and yes I am almost in love with her, happu keeps phone. Tika and malkhan say so this masakali is she new in market? Happu says yes. Tiwari comes and says happu you are so cheap and you have a pregnant wife but still love someone else and a woman who dances and you are characterless. Happu says shut up, tika and malkhan laugh and say yes happu you are characterless, happu slaps them. Vibhu comes and says what happened? Malkhan says happu is in love with a woman named masakali who dances in gulfam kalis kotha. Vibhu smiles and says yeah even I heard her name and tells Tiwari so lets go today? Tiwari says shut up I am a respected man and have good manners and I don’t go to such palces, Tiwari goes. Vibhu gives a cunning smile and thinks so maskali has got many fans now.
At night vibhu gets ready, anita comes and says where are you going? Vibhu says I told you for work and why do you ask so many times? Anita says where is this work and what work? Tell me at least? Vibhu says I work at night and whats your problem and I bring money at home and I told you I don’t work at any such place or the money is not earned by doing illegal things. Anita says but why don’t you tell me and what is it? vibhu sits down and says okay then I wont go and he removes shoe, anita says oh no I was just asking and go. Vibhu says okay and goes. He is standing outside his house and says so vibhu now its time for masakali to come. There Tiwari comes in balcony to stretch legs, he sees vibhu standing and then a van comes. In van gulfam kali is there and she tells vibhu come in masakali, vibhu says this is my town call me vibhu and people know me here. Gulfam says for me you are masakali and she puts hand out and says come in. vibhu goes in and the van goes. Tiwari sees the hand of a woman and is shocked and says where did he go?
In gulfam kalis kotha, vibhu is ready and he comes out as masakali. Happu is excited. Vibhu says a sher and no one understands, then he bites lips, everyone whistle. Vibhu as masakali tells saxena that masterji put the song, saxena says okay. Tika and malkhan say happu as you said masakali is very beautiful. Vibhu starts dancing on beedi jalaile jigar se peeya. Happu joins in dances and then sleeps on ground and dances. He then sits. Vibhu dances as tika and malkhan whistle. Happu gets up and beats tika and malkhan. Then happu sits and is drunk, vibhu ends the dance as the ghungroo breaks. Happu says why did you stop masakali? and dance. Vibhu says because sir my ghungroo has broken and my legs will hurt if I dance over them. Happu says still you will dance and I want you to hurt your feet and that voice after you get hurt should reach my ears. Vibhu thinks is this man dumb, tika and malkhana are angry and don’t want masakali hurt. Vibhu tells gulfam that tell happu that I will be hurt. Gulfam tells happu singh that you are breaking the rules of our program. Happu removes his gun and says yesterday you threw me out by telling that bodyguard and now if he comes then I will shoot him and you too, and right now masakali will dance and let her be hurt. Vibhu gets back and dances as his feet are hurting. Happu laughs as he drinks.

Precap: Tiwari tells anita that he saw a beautiful woman’s hand coming out from the van and she pulled in vibhu and the van went. Vibhu tells gulfam his feet is hurt he cant dance. Gulfam brings her bodyguard and tells dance otherwise….vibhu is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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