Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita talking on the phone with minal n telling her that i am fed up of vibhu n thats why i wont let him enter the house. She sees vibhuti entering n says to minal that he has entered the house let me handle him n cuts the call. She aska vibhuti why has he come here. He says i have come here to take my clothes n says i am in the same clothes since night n its itching me now so give me my clothes. She says u wont get anything n get out. He says what have i done? She says dont act n says u know it very well. He says i wont give any explaination as i know u wont believe me n just give my clothes n says i have nade arrangement at saxena’s place. She says wow one mad stays with another mad person. She says get out n he says whats the problem n goes. Happu singh,

tika, malkhan n happu’s sir comes n enter tiwari’s house as gulfam kali’s program’s customer. Tiwari says what is this nonsense i am not the manager n happu says dont speak much or else i ll file a case against you that u run this illegal business. He smirks n goes in. Boss says where is gulfam kali n she comes dancing n singing n lures them with her dance. Tiwari watches all of this tensedly n disgustingly. Just then ammaji n angoori come n amnaji hits gulfam kali n she runs away. She then shouts at tiwari that this way you are keeping respect of your parents’ name n says wait i ll teach u a lesson now. She goes n breaks the stick of the table n hits tiwari with it. Later she hits tika n malkhan n they run away. She looks at happu n his boss angrily n they go away. She tells angoori to get juice for her n she’ll drink juice n hit tiwari again. Angoori goes in tensedly. At night, Vibhuti enters the home through balcony for his clothes n anita sees it n says u are so shameless that u entered from the window like a thief as i didnt allow u to enter through the door. He says yes so what could i do? I had no other option left with me as u were not letting me take my clothes.
She says u cant take the clothes get lost its my home. He says excuse me i have paid 20,000 deposit of this house so its not just ur house its my house. She says so u came down to you level right? How could u even get money between us n says congratulations this home to u n says i am leaving this house. She takes her bag n goes. He gets irritated n is yet itching himself. Anita goes out n says i am fed up of vibhu n then sees someone writing on wall n says vibhu is at home it means someone else is writing n catches him n calls out to vibhuti tiwari angoori n ammaji. Vibhuti comes n anita asks him to catch this guy n says he is the one writing on the walls. Tiwari angoori n ammaji come out n say that show his blanket lets c who it is n it turns out to be chotu, yadavram’s son. Vibhuti hits him n others yell at him. They then ask him to not do this again n shout at him.
They leave him n he goes dancing shamelessely. All aplogize to vibhuti n tiwari also apologizes but vibhuti says get lost to him. Anita aplogizes but vibhuti goes in n locks the door. She stands out sadly n then he takes her in. Next dat mornibg vibhuti is cleaning the floor n anita calls him from balcony n they have an arguement there regarding him being jobless n so he just does household works. Then vibhuti goes to angoori’s house n sees her watching sholay n asks about her favourite character. She says it thakur baldev n says i feel very bad for him as he doesnt have hand n says i feel very bad for such people n if i see any such person i ll help that person in each n every way by feeding food, bathing n etc. She cries n goes in kitchen. Vibhuti thinks i got a nice idea from angoori now i will become handless n she will help me do everything n anita wont ask me to do any work.

Precap: doctor tells anita and tiwari that vibhu dashed with this and the impact was so strong that he lost his both hands. Vibhu is standing sad. Anita checks his hand. At anguris frontyard vibhu comes weaeing a shawl and anguris pendant falls down. She tells him to help her pick it. He says he cant. She asks why? Then the shawl suddenly blows away due to wind and anguri sees vibhu doesnt have hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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