Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming with coffee and he tells anita baby here is your coffee just the way you like it, strong and hot and vibhu winks. Anita says how romantic? Vibhu smiles. Anita says I know how you used to wink at me in college. Vibhu says actually winking was not romantic and since morning I my eye has been winking and I think something bad is about to happen today. Anita says see it happened and you spoilt my mood. Vibhu says I am sorry but I cant do anything. Anita says okay leave it and first wear a goggle otherwise other women may slap you. Vibhu says I will go to anguris house as she has medicines for such small problems. Anita says okay. Vibhu goes to anguris house.
There Tiwari is saying why is this crow making so much noise? Anguri says because my childhood

friend is going to come. Vibhu is at door and says Bhabhi ji. Anguri says he came, Tiwari says what he is your friend and laughs. Anguris goes running to hug, vibhu is surprised as he is also running to hug her. Anguri goes and passes vibhu and there actor ravi kishan is standing and he says a movie dialogue and entes the house. Anguri hugs him. Vibhu is angry and stands beside Tiwari. Both are shocked. Anguri hugs ravi kishan and he calls her how are you my jaan? Vibhu punches Tiwari and says what is he calling jaan? Anguri says I am fine my babu. Vibhu says this is going ways. Anguri tells he is my friend. Tiwari and vibhu say we know he is famous Bhojpuri actor ravi kishan. Ravi kishan shakes hands and says jaan I missed you a lot as you are my best friend. Anguri says me too. Anguri says how did you come here? Ravi says actually I had film shoot in Kanpur so came to meet you. Vibhu says so you must be staying in a 5 star hotel. Ravi says yes. Anguri says what why? And you will stay here. Tiwari says yes our doors are open for you. Ravi says okay as you are insisting I will stay here.
In kitchen anguri is making halwa. Vibhu comes and says it smells so beautiful and even I would love to have it. Tiwari comes. Tiwari says no you wont get it, anguir says I am sorry but its for ravi kishan. Vibhu thinks I will have my halwa. Anguris takes and goes in the room. Vibhu licks the utensil. Tiwari says yes lick it.
In the room ravi tastes the halwa and says wow its so tasty and I like it. anguri picks a file of papers and says what is this? Ravi says its my movie script and I have to learn those dialogues. Anguri says that’s nice, ravi says I have an idea and in childhood we used to enact plays and come one lets do it this time you say the heroine dialogues and I will say the hero’s so my rehearsal will also happen. Anguri says okay. There vibhu tells Tiwari how much time has anguri gone, Tiwari says shut up he is her friend and Tiwari gets a call and goes out to take it. vibhu says I should go and listen what they are doing. Vibhu is outside the room, there anguri inside says from the script that I love you a lot. Ravi says why didn’t you tell me before and we should elope as even I love you and lets marry. Vibhu thinks they are actually proposing and he becomes shocked and gets sad and starts crying and a melodramatic tune goes in background and vibhu goes sad crying in the hall. Tiwari comes and says what happened? Vibhu says you sit here saying what happened and you don’t know what is happening in there. Tiwari says what? Vibhu says they just proposed each other and they will elope and you cant see that. Tiwari says shut up you are a dirty minded person. Ravi kishan and anguri come and ravi says I remember childhood days when we did mischief with our teacher. Anguri says yes and laughs. Anita comes and says vibhu I was finding you, she sees ravi kishan and then says oh my god you are a good actor and I have seen many movies of yours. Ravi says in fact even you are a woman worth watching. Anita blushes. Tiwari pushes vibhu and says see him. Then tika and malkhan come. They say we heard ravi kishan is here, tika says yes he is and we are big fans of yours and the way you propose girls in movies tell us too. Ravi says I feel you are very characterless men and come. Malkhan says at least we will dance on a song of your movie, ravi says okay but I will dance with my jaan. Ravi takes anguri and they dance on a Bhojpuri song, vibhu is angry, ravi tells anita to come and dance with them too, anita comes and they all dance together romantically. Tiwari is angry too. Malkhan tells Tiwari and vibhu to come, vibhu slaps him.
Vibhu pulls Tiwari out from there. At the tea stall vibhu tells Tiwari that he cant see them and ravi kishan is going to elope with anguri believe me. Tiwari says no and they are god friends man and you shut up and I think you have to go in a mental hospital. Saxena comes and says who has to go to mental hospital? And I will give discount as I have a lot of contacts there. Tiwari says this man vibhuti here. Saxena says I am sorry he cant as the mental hospital will have to be shut down and there will be havoc. Vibhu slaps saxena. Vibhu says believe me anguri is going to elope and she loves ravi kishan. Tiwari says shut up man, tika comes. He says see this news in paper and a woman married to a businessman ran with her old lover. Tiwari slaps tika. Tika says what did is do? And this is not your house news. Vibhu says its about to be. Tiwari says I believe in anguri and she will never do such a thing, Tiwari goes.
At home Tiwari goes and is calling anguri as he wants dinner. In room ravi kishan says come one anguri lets do the dialogues again. Anguri says okay. Ravi says we have to elope as I love you. Tiwari there comes out of room and is going to knock when he listens. Anguri says I love you too but I don’t know. Ravi says you don’t know? And I came in Kanpur for you and we will run now. Anguri says okay. Tiwari is shocked and starts crying and says I believed in anguri but vibhu was right and what do I do now and she cheated on me. Tiwari goes to anitas house.
At anitas house, Tiwari tells anita that anguri is going to elope with ravi kishan. Anita says what? Vibhu comes and says see I told you and I knew this would happen and you did not believe me. Anita says this is not true and calm down there must be some misunderstanding. Tiwari says no there is no misunderstanding and we both heard her confessing her love. Anita says anguri loves you. Tiwari says was there some fault in my love? Vibhu says yes there was. Anita says shut up and I will help you but lets not bring conclusions and Tiwari you have to keep an eye on anguri so that she does not run if this is true. Vibhu says yes I will keep an eye and I will. Anita says why will you keep an eye? And Tiwari is her husband he will. Happu comes. Anita says good you came, vibhu and Tiwari tell him that anguri wants to run with ravi kishan. Happu says what? Tiwari says yes and we have to arrest ravi kishan, happu says yes we will but when they are about to run we will catch them red handed. Vibhu says I will keep an yeye, anita says just shut up and he is her husband. Tiwari says yes I am her husband and I will keep an eye on them, Tiwari goes. Vibhu says I don’t believe him he will sleep.
Next day in morning Tiwari is sleeping on sofa in the hall and snoring. Vibhu comes and sees him sleeping and says what the hell he is sleeping for god sakes he is sleeping? Vibhu wakes Tiwari and says where is anguri? Tiwari says go check in room she must be there. Anguri is not there vibhu says she ran away. Vibhu wakes Tiwari up and tells go and find the rooms go. They find everything but anguri is not there and vibhu starts crying and says bhabhiji left us oh my god. Tiwari is crying and both are beating their chests, anita comes. Anita says vibhu what happened? Vibhu says anguri went and she ran away, anita says but why are you crying? And Tiwari should cry. Vibhu says its one and the same thing. Anita says what? Vibhu says I mean I am their neighbor so just sharing his sorrow. At tea stall, tika and malkhan are dancing, tika gets a call that anguri eloped with ravi kishan , he comes running at tiwaris house and falls down on tiwaris legs crying that anguri ran away. Saxena comes crying and says my Bhabhi maa left me. Gulfam kali comes and says if anguri ran I am there. Tiwari says is this a joke? Happu comes and says we will find that ravi kishan. Vibhu says yes you better otherwise I will beat the hell out of you. Suddenly anguri comes and says what happened? Vibhu starst hopping like a little kid saying yes Bhabhi ji came yes she came. Tiwari says you came anguri? Anguri says yes and where would I go. Tiwari says we thought you ran away with ravi kishan. Anguri says what? And you think this about me. Saxena says yes my Bhabhi maa came my Bhabhi maa came. Vibhu slaps him and says she is not your mother get lost. Tiwari says but you were saying I will run away with you in the room with ravi. Ravi kishan comes and says actually we were rehearsing for my movie shoot. Tiwari says I knew It and its all because of this vibhu. Vibhu says you were proposing to each other so I thought you ran away. Ravi says no actually we went for my movie shoot and it is over now. Tiwari and vibhu say finally its not true. Tika says before you go lets dance on a movie song of yours, saxena says before that give me an electrifying slap please. Ravi slaps saxena and saxena says I like it. everyone dance ona Bhojpuri famous song from ravi kishans movie.

Precap: next Saturday Bollywood actor jimmy sheirgill comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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