Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita texting vibhuti’s friend n says she is such a mannerless person n says let that lady come then i ll see her also n this vibhuti also. Angoori is crying n says that tiwari betrayed me. Vibhuti comes n asks her why is she crying n asks who broke her heart? She says tiwari has an affair n tells everything. He says he is so cheap n acusses him. Angoori says dont say like this to him. He says sorry n asks her not to cry. Anita comes n looks at vibhuti. He says that angoori is crying n she asks angoori why are you crying n he tells her. She says all men are the same n asks him to wash clothes n he goes. Angoori tells anita everything. Anita says ok but now its not the time to cry n asks her to be strong n says even she messaged from vibhuti’s phone.

Angoori says even vibhuti? Anita says yes n says all men ate the same.

Vibhuti comes in room saying that where is my phone n sees it on bed. He takes his phone n talks and shouts to his phone n asks where were you, n how did u come here, i was searching you since long where were you? Anita comes out of washroom n gets tensed n says to vibhuti why are you doing overacting you got it now right? He says yes but where was it. She says maybe the phone didnt want to come to you as you might be flirting with women and betraying them. He says what are you saying? I havent betrayed you other than anyone else. She says what? He says i mean that i love only you n no one else. She says oh really? He says yes n says i got pressure so let me go to the washroom. She says whats the need of the phone? He keeps n goes to washroom. Anita takes the phons n checks it n messages sheela again.

Tiwari comes home singing song n angoori stares at him. She asks him to bath again. He says are you mad to make me bath thrice day? She says go n bath please n gives him her swear. He shouts n goes. She locks the door from outside n calls ladduu. She tells laddu to message hi darling i am missing you. Saxena replies that i am missing you too. Angoori asks ladduu to message that i want to hear u singing near my house n meet u but saxena reads it as bathing as laddu by mistake types bathing in hindi instead of singing. Saxena reads it n gets happy n says ohh how romantic. He says ok i ll come now. Angoori asks him to message that dont come now come tomorrow morning. Saxena says ok jaan i ll come tomorrow morning.

Next day, tiwari asks angoori for newspaper n she says i dont know n says go find it. Tiwari says why are you getting n angry n she goes. Tiwari opens the door to check for the newspaper n sees saxena bathing in his lawn without shirt. Saxena baths n even a old song plays i background. Tiwari keeps looking at him astounded n asks are mad to bath here n says you have destroyed our lawn by bathing. Saxena gets romantic n shies away n says you only messaged me at night to come here n dance. Tiwari says are u mad why will i tell you to come here n bath? He says get lost from here n dobt bath just go from here. Saxena says i like it n says that you are romantic at night n unromantic in the day n goes. Angoori comes to see whether that lady has come n tiwari asks for tea n she says its inside take it. He goes. She stands out n says which lady does tiwari love that she didnt come even on his saying? She gets thinking n firm to catch hold of her.

Precap:- Angoori asks ladduu to message saxena(that lady naming s*xy) that come in 1 hour to meet me. Vibhuti’s friend sheela comes n stands closely to him n vibhuti introduces her as sheela to anita n sheela says why did u marry anita leaving me? Anita looks at both of them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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