Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu telling Tiwari is drug peddler. Anguri says to Tiwari that why didn’t you tell me you do this? Tiwari says this man says anything and don’t listen to him. Vibhu says shut up and I know its here and I just have to search. Tiwari says do u have search warrant? Vibhu says shut up and starts searching for the drug packet, he searches cupboard and then he goes and removes it from behind the bed. Tiwari says this is not mine and you have done this against me. Vibhu says shut up and says that I am arresting you Tiwari. Anguri pleads to vibhu and prays her hands, vibhu says don’t do this and for you I am not arresting this person, vibhu then tells Tiwari that if u do this drug business again then I will beat you and put you in jail.

Next day in frontyard,

vibhu is drinking tea and happu singh is there standing with the cup. Tika and malkhan are sitting down, they say because of you our town is great now and we wanted a police officer like you. Tika and malkhan say that good this happu is a constable and you are inspector and such a great success. Vibhu laughs and says yes this happu has no respect, they all laugh. A guy comes with fruit basket and keeps it and vibhu says yes you can start a shop and go. Vibhu says to happu to go and keep it at anguris house. Happu goes. Anita comes and tells vibhu to bring fruits from market as she needs it. Happu singh comes and tells anita that someone just came and kept a fruit filled basket and vibhu told me to give it to anguri. Anita says what and I eat fruits and they don’t and I need them back, vibhu says he forgot and what now? Anita says she will not talk to him and she goes. Vibhu says to tika malkhan and happu that every husband is scared of his wife even he is.

At home happu is there and he picks the phone, anita tells him to tell that vibhu is busy. Happu says that on phone. Then Tiwari comes and tells call anita. anita comes down, she tells happu to go and make tea, he goes. Tiwari says to anita that yesterday vibhu came without serach warrant at 1 in the midnight and he told I am a drug peddler and just remove a packet of talcum powder from my pillow and said I will; arrest you, anita says that is wrong and vibhu was there last night? Tiwari says yes and vibhu is not doing this right and he is misusing his uniform. Anita calls vibhu, vibhu says Tiwari is a criminal and anita says no this packet is talcum powder, vibhu says then I will arrest him when someone will write a complaint against him. Vibhu goes with happu. Tiwari is crying.

At home vibhu goes and anguri blushes saying wow a dabangg dashing police officer came to meet him. Vibhu goes inside and dances with anguri on romantic song. Suddenly it’s a dream and vibhu was doing all this at tea stall. Happu says what are you doing? Vibhu says he was dreaming about chasing a thief. Tilu comes and touches vibhus legs and says just as I heard that an obedient officer like you is here then I came for a complaint, vibhu says yes say. Tilu says Tiwari my boss hasn’t given me my salary since 2 years and I want it and before this I told an officer but that guy instead took bribe from me, happu singh looks angrily at tilu. Vibhu thinks this is a nice opportunity to arrest Tiwari, he tells tilu that he will give him salary back from Tiwari. Tilu and happu go with vibhu.

At the gate of tiwaris house, tilu says he has money but still hasn’t given me. There Tiwari comes and is thinking that this tilu must have said something against me. Vibhu handcuffs Tiwari just as he comes. Tiwari says what did I do? Vibhu says tilu to say, tilu says that you have not given me my salary since 3 years and I want it back today. Tiwari says he doesn’t have a single penny to live and from where will I give? Vibhu says to Tiwari that for this I will put you in jail for 2 years, Tiwari says you are not the judge to decide. Vibhu says he is the one who does everything in that city and he can do anything. Vibhu tells happu singh to search Tiwari, happu does. Tilu says search his pockets, happu removes wallet and there are 5000rupees in it. Vibhu looks at Tiwari, Tiwari is angry.

Precap: a man gives vibhu a letter and says read it, it is written that you put my brother birju in jail and now I will make your life worse and you will feel that you should commit suicide and not live anymore. Vibhu is shocked as letter is from birjus brother. Tiwari is hiding and sees all this and laughs and says to himself that now I will remove all the police thing show off from vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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