Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vibhuti and tiwari fight over bhendi,vibhuti snatches the bhendi and runsaway,tiwari says run run but angora will cook it right then i will show u.tiwari goes to anguri and says when vibhuti comes to u say no for bhendi,angora says but how will i say no to,tiwari says if u say yes to him i will kill myself and leaves.vibhuti comes near window and asks angora to cook bhendi,angora tells him abt tiwari and says no to vibhuti,vibhuti is heart broken and goes away. Vibhuti goes to his place, heart broken and upset vibhuti is lying on sofa,anita calls him to have dinner,vibhuti says no darling u eat it,anita says vibhu no rubbish quick come,and open the cover,vibhuti opens it and sees bhendi and says anita i see bhendi here,anita says yes its bhendi i made it for u,vibhuti

says but how,anita says anguriji shd be thanked for. Anguri says to anita that i don’t like loki but ladus bhaiya likes it and i cook it for him bcoz i love him and he is my husband.anita says to hearing to this my anger vanished so here it it have morning vibhuti reading newspaper,he reads a news that a husband caught by wife flirting with neighbour,next news is that beautiful ladies are being kidnapped,anita says don’t worry im strong enough to protect myself,vibhuti says yes i know that dear remember in college u fought with the 4 guys who teased u, but what abt bhabhiji,anita says she has tiwariji to care for,vibhuti says have u seen tiwari he is so hopeless i mean how did this couple is i don’t understand,anita says u don’t get emotional and one more thing u are looking very handsome and go wash the utensils and remember i love u and make tea as well. Vibhuti goes to tiwaris palce and ask bhabhiji ghar pe hain,anguri says yes yes come come,how come u are here tell me,vibhuti says its a bit private,anguri says ya come sit,vibhuti says im here to tell u that kidnappers are roaming in town kidnapping beautiful ladies,anguri says then u shd take care of anitaji,vibhuti says she has black belt in karate and im worried abt u ur also beautiful,anguri says don’t worry ladus bhaiya is there for me,vibhuti says he is a useless guy good for nothing,here is a transmitter for u,this watch has a button and when u press it i will get signals and will come to save u,anguri says oh wow this is very good i will show ladus bhaiya as well,vibhuti says ehy do u need to show him he wont understand its importance,and i will save u don’t worry,anguri says ok i wont tell him,anguri says thanku ur very nich person,vibhuti says its nice. Anita practising karate,tiwari cmes and says wow ur doing grt item,anita says its karate and not item,tiwari says wow u do it so well,and bhabhiji u must have heard abt the kidnappers and aince i care for u im here,take this chilli spray u can use it when in trouble,anita says i don’t need it bcoz no one can touch me,tiwari says no one will touch will i will kill the one who touches u,anita says relax see i will show u touch me tiwariji,tiwari very excited and nervous touches anita.anita hits him,vibhuti enters and starts hitting as well,anita says stop vibhu i was showing him karate,vibhutis watch shows signal and he says excuse me and goes out,anguri says bhurbutiji hi,vibhuti says yes tell me bhabhiji anybody trying to kidnap u,anguri says no no i called u to tell u that plz call ladu its his tution time . Two guys come and hold hands of anita while walking on road,anita shouts someone plz save me,tiwari rushes for help he jumps over the compound and fights with the kidnappers,anita is impressed by this act of tiwari and says my hero plz hug me plz,and anguri calls him and tiwari wakes up and says cant u wake me some time later always wrong time,anguri says look u have spolit the pillow,and goes,tiwari says i missed bhabhiis hug bcoz of anguri.

PRECAP:Vibhuti sees anguri being kidnapped and taken in a van,he rushes to tiwari and asks him where is bhabhiji,tiwari says she is in her room,vibhuti says no she is not,tiwari says but why are u worried abt bhabhiji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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