Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update:Singhania tells prem he would like to buy Vibhu for 2 crore for his sister.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says give me the cheque please,Tiwari starts crying,Anita says even I have tears of happiness,Tiwari says they are if sorrow I cant give you cheque,Gupta cancelled my order,Anita says my god,I was here on your trust,Tiwari says sell me then,Anita says I would but who will buy you,Anguri says will no one buy you.

Anita worried,Vibhu says how will you manage money,Anita says don’t you have some shame,Vibhu asks why so,Anita says your wife wants to make business and earn but you,Vibhu says I don’t have this amount,Anita says exactly this is why I have to ask others and I don’t want to be jobless like you,I have spoken to Agarwal,Anurag and Meenal walk in,Meenal asks did you manage money,Vibhu says how will she it’s all your fault,Meenal says no worries

I have one more friend she is interested in dance classes,Anita says don’t please,I will manage in 2 days,Meenal says okay how about some tea,Anita says sure,Vibhu go make tea.

Prem having chat with his friend Singhania,he says you know my sister right,prem says yes who married 4 times,Singhania says she divorced him as well,prem says cant she stay with one man,he says what to do she is my sister and I love her and I need your help because she has fallen for a man in this colony and you know him,
Prem says I know many here,who it is,Singhania says it’s some Vibhuti Mishra,prem says he is married,he says so what cant a man marry twice,prem says his wife is dangerous she will kill me,he says I don’t care my sister loves him I will buy him for 1-2 crore ,prem says that won’t work,Vibhu is man of self respect and Anita and Vibhu love each other a lot,this won’t work and I cant help you in this matter,Tiwari listening to all this,prem leaves.

Tiwari to Singhania says,I know Vibhuti and can help you fix this deal,Singhania asks are you an agent,Tiwari says you can take so,but the amount will be three crore Singhania says I love my sister dear,call me on this number when deal is fixed and leaves.

Anguri crying infront of Anita and Vibhu,Anita says I know your pain,we work hard and earn and when this happens it’s painful,Vibhu says I’m sorry but all this money was illegal,Anita says Vibhu think twice,Vibhu says it’s bitter truth and Anu even you give away this greed.

Tiwari walks in,Anita says I feel so bad for you,Tiwari says I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,but now I have an offer,Anita says really don’t create suspense tell me,Tiwari says Singhania is a millionaire and his sister loves him and wants to marry Vibhuti and he will offer 3 crore and so 1.5 your and remaining mine,Anita says Tiwariji please Leave,Anguri says yes how could you come with me.vibhu hugs Anita and says baby I’m impressed.

Tikka malkhan unable to manage money,malkhan says I feel like selling myself,Tilu says but who will buy you,Saxena walks and says I will help you,what amount you want,tikka says 3000, Saxena on call says yes I will give one lakh,malkhan says tikka he is on call. Saxena says so boys what’s up,malkhan says we need help please lend us two thousand,Saxena says I could give lakh but I cant because you aren’t from my mad community it’s against my community rules to help normal people,Tilu says we will be mad for it,tikka Tilu malkhan start acting mad,Saxena says I’m mad not stupid but you three are so good bye.

Happu walks to them and asks what’s wrong,tikka says we are in trouble please lend us money,Happu says okay but in return you will have to work for me and I will give you a lakh,Tilu asks what’s the work,Happu says kidnap commissioner.vibhu says Anu baby your coffee,cmon cheer up,your smile is my cure,see baby I want you to succeed,Anita says but what to do,Vibhu says what should I do sell myself.

Tiwari walks in with a suitcase,Anita asks what’s in it,Tiwari says a magic wand that shall help you in your business and shows Anita 25 lakhs rupees.commissioner having samosas,Tilu makes him call and says Gulfamkali needs you help,she is being eve teased by goons,he says okay I will be right there.commissioner arrives at told location and calls out Gulfamkalis name,tikka tikka malkhan, make him unconscious and outs him in dustbin,tikka says get tempo,malkhan says I forgot,tikka say somay let’s go and get tempo,Happu hiding and watching them and says good job boys,and sees cleaners take away the dustbin and follows them but couldn’t stop them.

Happy goes and sits in dustbin,he is hit buy a football and faints in it,tikka Tilu malkhan without checking in take dustbin away. Tiwari says this is first instalment,other instalments will be given after engagement and wedding,now don’t think bhabhiji you are having money you wanted for grooming institute and this huge amount for a man like Vibhuti who is jobless,cmon don’t waste time thinking,Vibhu says I’m her husband,Tiwari says what have you given her other than hardship,instead sell yourself and give her happiness,Vibhu says you cant see our love,at times I may sell myself,but Anu loves me a lot and so one crore is nothing,she may not sell for even 10 crore,Anita says I will.

Pre cap : Vibhu in tears says Anu sold me for 3 crore to a millionaire,Anguri says wow,I didn’t expect this amount.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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