Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anita coming down at night. Vibhu says lets go out from here and go somewhere else, anita says yes as even I am not interested in his stories. Anita says lets go at anguris house. They go slowly sneaking, when dr.abhay sees them in hall and says sit here and you have to hear the story. Anita and vibhu say we don’t want to listen to the story and we can do whatever we want. dr.abhay says no, here only I will tell u what u will do, he shows them the gun. They both get scared and says lets sit down. They sit as writer starts telling the story. He says that shela was at home and her husband hadn’t called since morning and did not come home so shela went to her neighbor. There anguri comes home and tells that Tiwari hasn’t come yet as he comes at 8pm in

the night and hasn’t come yet and its too late. Vibhu says lets go and find him. Dr.abhay says no wait and listen and go. They are forced to sit. Dr.abhay says as kishore was coming home with his friend pappu, he stopped midway. There Tiwari and happu are coming and Martha comes and beats them a lot and says I am Martha and goes. The story told by dr.abhay is same. Then he says my story is over. Tiwari and happu singh come beaten and hurt and say Martha beat us. Abhay smiles as everyone is shocked.
Next day anguri anita Tiwari and vibhu are in lawn. Anita says did u notice something and that abhays story is just like what is actually happening in our surrounding and in his story we are the 4 characters he talks about and there is an old lady Martha who is beating everyone just as dr.abhay is telling the story. Everyone say yes that’s right. Anita says he even mentioned that Martha beats only those who are characterless and look at other women. Vibhu and Tiwari say we don’t and don’t say that. Anita says no you must be those men. Anita and anguri says we will find it out.
At home dr.abhay is sitting and talking to himself, Tiwari and vibhu come and says that’s nice and say your story has created a havoc in our lives and please go from here and end your novel somewhere else. Vibhu says yes and throw that novel do anything but not here. Dr.abhay says no I will go after completing my story. A doctor comes and says is dr.abhay here and he sits beside abhay. They greet each other and doc says that I heard about your novel Martha and the events are occurring true I heard. Dr.abhay says yes and the climax will come soon. Vibhu says wow and is there anything positive in it? Abhay says yes and says this time around Martha will kill Kishore and jugal. Tiwari and vibhu says dump this shit and go away.
At tea stall, vibhu says this is because of anita and she shouldn’t have let that old fag in our house. Tiwari what could have she done as she did not know. Vibhu says Tiwari do 1 thing and u kill this old lady Martha and shoot her. Tiwari says and what? I will get onto the death rope. Vibhu says no we will hire a lawyer and not death but life term. Tiwari says shut up and calls him jobless. Vibhu calls Tiwari characterless, they both fight. Vibhu says why are we fighting and we should find some solution to this old man. Tiwari says yes we should do something.
There dr.abhay is singing and vibhu and Tiwari come. Vibhu says wow you sing well and why don’t u leave this story and Tiwari says yes become a singer. Dr.abhay starts crying and says I wanted to be a singer but no music director accepted my voice so I started writing stories. Vibhu Tiwari say okay and continue writing the story and complete it. Vibhu says but why do u want to kill those men? And keep them alive dr.abhay says no and those characters are very useless and they eye on their neighbors wife and are not good men so they shall die. Vibhu and Tiwari say no and they love their wives a lot. Dr.abhay says oh is that so? They say yes. He says okay then I will keep them alive. Both say thanks a lot. Abhay says but I have a deal, they both have to tie rakhis to their neighbors and pray to them was wives. Both get up and go.
At night abhay starts saying story, he says at night the darkness increased and there was a tornado about to come. Everyone was sitting quiet and Kishore and jugals face was scared. Tiwari and vibhu are scared. Abhay says Martha reaches the house to kill them. There Martha actually comes and everyone get up scared.

Precap: anguris dad comes and says that he had not told grandma that anguri is married and ran away with Tiwari so she wants angurit to get married. Anguri at home tells this to Tiwari and Tiwari is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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