Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh coming at night and telling vibhu what is this bandmaster job you are doing now? you are not going to be successful at this too. Vibhu says there was a famous bandmaster even he struggled in his early days but became successful later. Happu singh says but he must not have lived like you on streets and his wife did not remove him out of the house. Tika and tilu giggle. Vibhu says yes my wife has removed me out what is your problem? Happu says you will remain jobless. Vibhu says the fact is you are the most jobless person here, you have a job but still you sit like that everyday wasting time. Tilu says he is like a donkey who is tied to a horse cart and then gets confused whether he is a donkey or a horse. everyone laugh. Happu slaps them and goes. Saxena comes.

Tika says saxena please take us in your house for today, the mosquitoes are biting us here. saxena says yes of course you can come at my house but I have some mental friends at home, will you stay with them? Tika says no thanks. Saxena says I like it. masterji comes and says vibhuti I have some work with your band. Vibhu says yes masterji say what do you want? Masterji says I want your band tomorrow at a function I have at my house. Vibhu says you are booking our band? Masterji says I searched for all the good bands but they are all booked so I had to come to you. everyone look down and tika hides his face. Then he offers masterji alcohol, masterji says don’t you have manners?
Next day anguri comes down in hall dressed as band singer an dsings aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai. Anita comes and sees anguri and is annoyed. Anguri sees anita and welcomes her and both sit. Anita says anguri why are you singing in this useless band of vibhu? What will people say about you. anguri says I don’t care about people I like to sing and Tiwari ji only scolded me and said I don’t earn from singing so that is why I want to earn from singing and show him. Tiwari comes and says hello Bhabhi ji. Anita says what is this Tiwari? Tiwari says I am not an addict. Anita says what did you say to anguri and why did you stop her from singing? Tiwari says no I did not. Anguri says yes you did that is why I want to earn and show you now that I can sing and earn from it. Tiwari says anita please tell her to leave that stupid band of vibhu and it doesn’t suit her. Anguri says now let anyone say anything I am not leaving the band. Vibhu comes and says that is right Bhabhi ji stay put on your decision and don’t let anyone bring you down. Anguri says yes. Vibhu says we will prove to some people who think of themselves too much that even we can do something.
At masterji’s function, vibhu and the entire band come ready. Masterji is standing. Vibhu tells that come one start singing and playing the band now. saxena says yes and then they all play their instruments and anguri sings didi tera dewar deewana. Masterji and all the people are shocked. Anguri sings as everyone plays the band. Masterji is angry and says shut up everyone stop singing now. they all stop and vibhu says what happened masterji? Masterji says you are saying what happened? Why are you singing this song at this function? Vibhu says what function is it? masterji says it is grandfather’s death anniversary. Everyone is shocked and masterji says angrily play something for the death anniversary. Saxena tells vibhu that we have practiced only marriage songs. Vibhu says play these songs slowly in a slow beat. They start singing aaj mere yaar ki shadi hai. Masterji is very angry and screams loudly and says come on beat them. All the people ruin after the band as vibhu and everyone run away, saxena stays and says beat me but no one catches him.
At home anita is there and Tiwari comes. Anita says come sit. Tiwari says okay I will go. anita says why? Tiwari says you only said to go. anita says loudly sit down. Tiwari sits. Anita says why did you come? Tiwari says I love you too. Anita says shut up and says why have you come? Tiwari says I came to ask have you planned anything about vibhu? Anita says yes I have planned. Happu comes and sits. Anita says I was waiting for you only. Happu says Tiwari I heard you cannot listen much? Tiwari says you want to drink alcohol here? why? in Bhabhi ji’s house nothing like that will happen, go at gulfam kali’s kotha and do all that. happu says what a person you are. Tiwari says why should I go? you only go to gulfam kali’s house. Anita is fed up.
At night everyone is there on the street corner, malkhan is pressing vibhu’s legs. Malkhan says tika you make your tuning right on your instrument. Tika says you don’t teach me, first look at what tone you use. Saxena says boys don’t fight, you both look at your tones, it is not right. Vibhu says yes boys practice as much as you can. Gulfam kali comes. She says I am in a mood to dance. Vibhu says then go at your kotha and dance there not here. gulfam says but I want to dance at the song of your band. Gulfam touches tika and says play the band guys. They slowly play and gulfam dances and touching vibhu. The song is mohabbat buri bimari. Anita come sin balcony and is shocked to see this and is angry.

Precap: at tea stall, vibhu and his band are playing song and Tiwari is there. Anita comes running and dancing with another man and she hugs him in front of vibhu then they go. vibhu is angry. At home anita opens door and uncle comes. Anita says who uncle? Uncle says I am vibhu’s uncle daughter in law. Anita says don’t call me daughter in law, I am not related to you. uncle and vibhu are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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