Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and vibhu sitting at night on a seat. Vibhu makes noises and expressions and tiwari says what are you doing and he too makes noises and expressions. Vibhu says are you mimicing me? Tiwari says no and i have this problem. Vibhu says even i have this problem. They ask each other how did this happen? Vibbu tells i drank saxenas chemical and tiwari says that too. They look at each other in shock. At night from behind suddenly someone throws a net on them and catches them. Its happu singh. He takes them to anita. On the street another police officer comes with a wolf. Saxena comes. Everyone looks at each other. Then anita says who is that wolf? Police man says he is not a wolf but a thief who is wearingthose wolf robes and police man removes that mask. Anita and

happu singh look at vibhu and tiwari. Saxena says i like it.
Next day vibhu is in the balcony thinking about anguri and says when will anguri come again and i am missing her and can not live more days without talking to her. He gets a call on his phone. Its anguri. Vibhu says wow bhabhiji you called me and what happened. Anguri asks how are you and how is tiwari ji. Vibhu says you can ask it to tiwari. Anguri says i tried but he did not pick phone. Vibhu says everything is fine and bhabhiji when will you come? Anguri says i dont know and keeps phone. Vibhu says ok.
At home tiwari is speaking to a friend. He says to tiwari that whom do you help. Tiwari says anita cant stay without me because her husband does not work and so in short he helps vibhu and anita. Anita listens this and says to herself that tiwari is disgusting and she did not expect this and she will go. She goes home and tells this to vibhu. Vibhu says what and i will kill that man. Anita says no we will plan something. Tiwari comes home and says hello. Anita and vibhu ignore him. They speak on their own and then anita goes up. Tiwari asks vibhu what happened and why arent you people talking to me. Vibbu ignores and goes. Tiwari gets angry and goes.
At tea stall saxena tells tika he has a job for him for bathing mental people at mental hospital. Tika says give it to vibhu. Vibhu comes and says what job. Saxena says about what tika said but vibhu laughs. Tiwari comes and sits and says what happened. No one talks to him and ignores tiwari. They talk to each other for a while as tiwari says someone speak to me and even i am here. Happu singh also comes but no one speaks to tiwari. Tiwari goes away angrily. Vibhu tells everyone good work boys.
At home tilu gives mom breakfast. Tiwari comes and sits. Tilu asks mom where is tiwari? Tiwari says are you blind i am here. Mom says that bull must have gone somewhere. Tiwari thinks whyarent they talking and looking at me and maybe they cant see me. Mom says tomorrow is tiwaris dads birthday so she will keep a party. Tiwari thinks no one can see me so i will do something tomorrow.

Precap: tiwari asks anita what has he done?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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