Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update : Education Centre.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari visits Anu, Tiwari asks are you busy,Anu says no just on call with my dad, Tiwari says sorry to disturb,Anu says its fine but where is Angoori,Tiwari says she is right now getting on my nerve,i need your helo please ask her to stop speaking English you know she sucks,Anu says thats her innocence and you want me to kill that you selfish,men like you,we women live suh lives,here me its 21 st century women and women will fight,Tiwari leaves,Anu says where you running.

Vibhu in bedroom thinks how will i ask Anu to appoie as professor, because i have already denied once,and says Anu baby ,Anu says im busy cant you see,dont disturb me,Vibhu thinks God she is already hyper,Vibhu says Anu listen toe atleast,i want to be with you in this mission,ai made a mistake before, but i have a

feeling I want to help people, Anu says you denied first right,why now,Vibhu says i want to help people educate themselves,

Tiwari walks to Angoori in bedroom and says still upset and remember never speak in English it jever suits us and think iits ust for beautiful bhabhiji,Angoori says i want to educate myself ,and learn English,Tiwari gets upset and scolds her,Angoori says i am joining school thats it,Tiwari says thats not your cup of tea, Angoori says let me go infrom Anita then she has started this school,Tiwari thinks thats cool i will join too and says see you wioo learn English then why shall i be behind we both will join.

Saxena addresses everyone and say welcome to our school,Anita Mishra our head professor and principle and tge founder of this school, this is professor Vibhuti, and llets begin with prayer, and Angoori bhabhi dont participate iits for men,Saxena begins prayer addressing Anu as God in it. Tiwari says this prayer calls us animals we arent,and get into argument with saxena,Hapu joins,Anu says enough of it lets continue,Angoori why are you here,Angoori says i want to learn English, my mmom didn’t want me to learn then because she thought English spoiled Kids,Anu says okay,you are welcome and Tiwari you are a businessman why did you opt, Tiwari says i keep meeting personality like you and so it would be great to converse in English,Anu says commissioner why are you here,He says i studied in Urdu medium so,Anu asks lachu, Lachu says i want to marry and settle in Canada.

Anu asks Gulfamkali why is she here,all men start cheering for her,Vibhu says shutuo behave yourselves, Gulfamkali says i always converse in urdu and hindi now i want to learn English because my guests always demand for English songs.Anu say okay good and master why are you here you are a teacher, tikka ttilu malkhan make fun of him,vibhu abuses him, Any says behave you are a teacher here.Master says my son Sanskar learns English and for the sake of his tutions I’m joining her

Anu asks Tika Tilu Malkhan,they say they here because girls wwnat only men who speak English and abuse us in English too,Anu asks Prem and he make stupid gestures,aanu says it’s okay.

Pre cap: Anu and Vibhu giving lecture.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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