Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying that vibhu where will you take me for new year? Vibhu says what special to do on new year? And it’s the same old shit and we will have a candle light dinner. Anita says oh please its so boring and lets do something else. Vibhu says I don’t have money and I am sorry. Vibhu goes and anita is angry.
There anguri tells tiwari that take me somewhere for new year and we will enjoy. Tiwari says shut up its stupid and no we wont go. tiwari goes and anguri is sad.
There vibhu comes to anguri and says bhabhiji what is this times plan for new year? Anguri says nothing and I have to stay home as tiwari is not taking me anywhere. There anita tells tiwari that vibhu said no to go anywhere. Tiwari tells anita that you come with me and we will do a

new year plan. Anita says you take anguri. Tiwari says anguri is boredom and you come we both will enjoy. Anita says no I will not come anywhere without vibhu. There vibhu says instead we will arrange in our town only and everyone will come. Tiwari tells same thing to anita, anita says yes that’s a very nice idea. Anguri says to vibhi what about money? Vibhu says tiwari will give money and I will do the arrangement. She says that’s nice, vibhu goes to discuss about arrangements with tiwari.
At night all arrangements are done and everyone is ready. Laddo and happu are sitting on the stage and tika and malkhan set the stage proper. Tiwari anguri anita and vibhu come. Mom is there and commissioner comes. Tiwari says anita you look good today, vibhu says to anguri too. everyone is ready and the function starts. Tiwari says now waaris will come. Vibhu says what? Anguri says yes since 12 months he is there. Vibhu says what you are pregnant with a child(waaaris)? Tiwari says wait a second no she is not, saxena says yes a baby is coming, tiwari slaps him, saxena says I like it. Tiwari says I was talking about mannu from waaris. Mannu comes. Everyone say oh him. Everyone welcome manu. Manu hugs laddo and tiwari says so come on you both do your dance. Manu and laddo go and everyone sit at their tables. Laddo and manu dance on a beat and then everyone clap. After their dance, badho bahu comes and everyone cheer. Everyone say she is very strong, tiwari says is that so? And I will have a panja with her. Badho bahu says okay and they have a panja, but tiwari loses. Happu says you tiwari dumb you took our towns respect down. Tiwaris hand is paining. Badho bahu dances on the stage and happu and tika joins in too.
After the dance, the queens and santoshi and her husband come. And all the characters from various and tv serials come. Santoshi and anguri being from same village join together and talk, anguri tells everyone santoshi is from her village. Masterji and prem are there too and gulfam kali comes. The wueens say we will dance now, another character from other serial says if the queens dance they shall have a king too and they all dance. Tika joins in and dances like a crazy guy between the queens, badho bahu sees they are troubled and beats tika and brings him down. Happu dances with the queens too. after the dance malkhan says the queens are beautiful, vibhu slaps him.
Suddenly mom comes on stage and dances on an item song, everyone is shocked and commissioner is excited. Prem comes and dances beside mom, mom stops and beats him and says you see a beautiful woman and your glands start dancing soon get lost. Porem goes. Everyone laugh.
Doctor comes and says I will do acting, he starts acting and says a dialogue which says chandramukhi I miss you but my new year resolution is to bring you back home and I am coming back to you. Doctor says thanks and goes. Anita says he acted nice and acted well anguri agrees. Vibhu says he knows everything except what to do being a doctor. There hapu singh goes to santoshi and the other character from another serial, he says do you need anything and if you need call me, I am the police inspector of Kanpur, santoshis husband says doesn’t seem like. Another character says yes your face is not like that, happu says don’t misunderstand but I am the inspector, santoshi says we don’t have any trouble but now you are troubling, santoshis husband says bring us cold drinks. Happu is angry and goes.
Happu goes and says he will say dialogues from amitabh bacchans movies, happu starts a dialogue and forgets and removes a paper, vibhu says this dumb man doesn’t know anything. Happu sees dialogue from his paper and says, vibhu teases him, happu says shut up jobless. Vibhu is insulted and anita says come down you are being rude, happu goes.
Malkhan takes a flower for the queens, queens tease him and say you look like a fool, badho bahu says is he troubling you? Malkhan runs away and badho bahu says if anyone teases you or troubles tell me, queens says sure don’t worry.
Tiwari and anguri do their act, anguri dances on ghagra song from ye jawani hai deewani, vibhu tells anita anguri is too good for tiwari and tiwari is so dumb and creepy and doesn’t dance well. Anita says shut up they look good together. Everyone clap, vibhu and anita go and anita and vibhu dance on shanaya song. Everyone praise them, when they come back and sit, tiwari says anita you danced well and vibhu you looked stupid. Vibhu says shut up.
Masterji comes on stage and stands in the position of butterfly and dances on the song from movie kick like a butterfly throughout the song and prem dances in between everyone is bored and masterji comes down after his dance. After masterjis song its gulfam kalis turn and happu and prem are excited, gulfam kali dances on an item song, anita says see vibhu your favorite, vibhu says whatever you are saying. Anguri tells tiwari to close his eyes. As gulfam dances happu and prem dance with her. And tika and malkghan go too. commissioner is excited too and dances with gulfam. After her dance everyone go from the stage.
As 12am nears, the event ends and anita says so the countdown will start now, commissioner tika malkhan happu singh and prem are thinking in mind that today I will take gulfam kali somewhere and we will have fun, vibhu think today I will hug anguri for the new year and I will be first, tiwari thinks same for anita, everyone say 3 2 1 and its happy new year, the lights go off and they turn back on. Everyone say happy new year, suddenly everyone looks at all characters from bhabhiji ghar poar hai serial. Tiwari and vibhu are hugging each other tightly, commissioner is in moms laps. Tika and malkhan are in happu singhs arms. Masterji is in gulfams laps and she is flirting with him, masterji is blushing. Doctor is in prems hands. Everyone is shocked to see each other like this. Saxena says I like it. Queens says anyway happy new year and everyone say happy new year.

Precap: anguri is dancing on a song from bajirao mastani and vibhu is hiding and watching her as a crow shits on vibhu. Anita says half the students from my grooming classes have left and my income has become half. Vibhu says I will earn. There prem and an Arabian friend tell gulfam to dance and she says she has a sprain in her legs so she is sorry but my friend will dance. Behind the curtains its vibhu disguised as a dancer.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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