Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and dad coming out. Vibhu is crying and saying tiwari will kill anita. Then they see happu singh. Vibhu tells him and is crying. Happu singh tells he will not let anything happen to anita and he will kill that tiwari. Vibhu and happu singh are going when dad says he cant come as he had sworn he will not enter tiwaris home. Vibhu and happu singh go up. Then happu singh enters the bedroom with a gunshot. Anguri falls faint as she hears the shot. Happu singh and vibhu go and start hitting tiwari. Dad from out asks what happened? Vibhu and happu singh bring tiwari out. They tell him why was he killing them and he already killed 2 women. Happu singh says he never knew a killer used to live in their town under his nose. Dad says that tiwari is a criminal and vibhu

says now he will put him in jail and hang him there. Tiwari says what did he do? Happu singh says shut up or else he will put gun in his mouth. Anguri and anita come running. Anguri says what has tiqari done? She tells he did not do anything and she pushes happu singh down who falls down. Vibhu tells anita she was going to be killed by tiwari. Anita says what nonsense and he would not do anything like that. Pelu comes driving auto with tiwaris mom. He puts a break but auto hits happu singh. Mom gets down. Anguris dad tells see mom what has your son tiwari done. Mom says why will he do anything. Happu singh slaps pelu. Pelu goes. Tiwari tells mom that they all are saying he has killed 2 women. Mom says what and tells dad that her son has not done anything like that and she tells them that they were just killing dolls because she wanted to remove difficulties from anguries horosope card, so she asked a saint who told them to kill 3 women dolls. Then everyone understand. Tiwari tells see and tells that vibhu and this dad were spreading all rumours. Then malkhan and tika come with 3rd doll and then everyone know it was all false. Anguri mom tiwari go in to kill that one too. Happu singh tells vibhu and dad that without any reason they wasted his time. He goes. Anita tells vibhu silly and goes. Dad asks vibhu that he understood all about the doll thing but why did he put a camera in anguris house? Vibhu tells lets drink beer and they go.
Next day morning, anguri is watching tv and a new serial bhagyalakshmi is coming. Tiwari comes and anguri tells him that a new season of that serial is coming. They promote the serial. Then anguri tells tiwaro that today is 31st december and what should they do for new years and lets go out? Tiwari tells why should they waste money and instead stay home. Anguri says then she will go at moms home as she has kept pooja and called her. Tiwari says ok go and he will stay at home and enjoy at home. Anguri goes in kitchen. Tiwari says wow and he will celebrate with anita this year.
At vibhus house he is mopping the floor. Anita says put finail less as it smells more. Anita calls meenal and asks her plan about new year. She tells she is going to agra at taj mahal. Anita says enjoy. Then she keeps the phone and calls vibhu and tells him how to celebrate new year this year? Vibhu says he remembers last year it was quite white and wetty. Anita says ofcourse because his mom made her dive in ganga and thats why she got fever, anita tells they both will have candlelight dinner. Vibhu then says its ok and says they can celebrate with everyone instead with neighbours as dinner they can do anytime. Anita says ok and says lets call tiwari and anguri. Vibhu gets happy and thinks he will celebrate with anguri. Then anita tells that she will make the food today. Vibhu is overwhelmed and says it will be awesome today. He goes to call anguri and tiwari.
At home vibhu enters calling anguri. Tiwari comes and says why has he come. Vibhu tells tiwari that actually anita has planned a dinner with anguri and tiwari so they are invited today for new year. Tiwari gets excited and thinks he will enjoy with anita. Vibhu asks where is anguri? Tiwari tells she has gone at moms place. Vibhu exclaiks what? Then he tells that what will tiwari do for new year? Tiwari tells what does he mean by what? And that he is going to come at their house. Vibhu says what house and they have cancelled as anita changed her plans and he is not invited and they dont have any dinner. Tiwari says what? And then why did he come to ask him and get lost and he tells vibhu to go. Vibhu goes.
At home anita asks him did he call them. Vibhu tells anguri has gone at moms place and so she wont come. Anita asks then call tiwati. Vibhu lies that tiwari cant come as he has other plans as he is going with some friends to see gulfam kali. Vibhu says that man is disgusting. Anita tells that if she wasnt there then he would also go. Vibhu says anyways they both will do the dinner. Anita tells that she wont make new year with him but will gunda kallu(black chor) who is famous in kanpur. Vibhu says what and what will he do then. Anita tells that gunda kallu will be him and he will do the getup and come and they will do romance and she wants something exciting and sizzling. Vibhu says ohh and she has become naughty and he tells ok and he will become the gunda kallu. Vibhu goes.
Anita is speaking with meenal. Meenal asks with whom is she celebrating new year? Anita says with someone special but not vibhu and she wont tell who that is. Tiwari listen from balcony and thinks that its not vibhu then who is it? He thinks he will find out who that it.

Precap: vibhu comes from auto in the getup of gunda kallu. He rings the door bell and anita smiles. Tiwari is seeing from balcony and thinks who is this stupid thief type with whom anita is getting close? Vibhu enters house and anita closes the door.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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