Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Tiwari is dangerous man, anguri says don’t do this plz help Tiwari,Vibhuti says I can’t stand him I’m sorry, anguri says plz don’t leave us like this, or else I will be an widow,Vibhuti says no bhabhiji,anguri says so just for 5 days plz continue with this, anguri says ok just for u,Anita says Vibhu look do anything but u n Tiwari,can’t u handle a man, Vibhuti says he is a beast.aniat says be strong Vibhu,Vibhuti says ok n leaves.

Chameli while leaving meets Chachaji,he falls for Chameli,Chameli runs to tiwaris house,Chachaji walks In, Anita sees him n gets surprised, he says what are u doing in Vibhutis house, Anita says me actually, anguri shouts seeing him, Chachaji says come here anguri why did u get shocked seeing me, anguri says no

nothing just surprised,he asks what is this Anita doing here, Anita says actually Vibhutiji is out of town n anguri was unwell so I came to take care,anguri says she is right,Chachaji says but she is ur enemy,Anita says look I’m sorry for the ink matter but stop calling me enemy,anguri says yes forget the past,he says look at my face while I was going to propose a girl she threw ink on my face n the girl went away bcoz of this Anita,anguri says aniat is good women, I will cook u breakfast,Chachaji says get tea first ,anguri says ok n leaves.

Chameli at tiwaris house says this is so irritating, Tiwari walks to her n says hi darling, Chameli kicks him n says I’m not a girl don’t forget it,Tiwari says Yamraj,Chameli says I can’t help u anymore Chachaji is here.tiwari says what London uncle,why is he here, all that confusion now,ask ur uncle to stay away from me n my family,Chameli says I’m here helping u n u are behind my uncle,Tiwari says plz I beg of u, I was joking don’t leave me alone n go,Chameli says it’s ok, anyways my uncle u know he is a big flirt,Tiwari says I know, Chameli says go get me tea quickly.

Chachaji sleeping in hall,he wakes up n says I’m unable to sleep, I will go check that tiwaris house. Anita n anguri sleeping together. Tiwari n Chameli together,Tiwari says why u look so awkward,Chameli says last night u kissed me a lot,Tiwari says Yamraj,Chameli says Yamraj doesn’t need this detailing get u that,go to sleep n away from me.

Chachaji goes to tiwaris house n says let me check that girl I met in morning,n says oh the door is locked but bedroom window is open let me go from their, Chameli says Tiwari I want to sleep the other side, u sleep this side, both change their places,Chachaji goes in bedroom from window,Tiwari snoring, Chachaji sees Chameli sleeping with Tiwari n says this innocent lady sleeping with this married man, I will not leave this Tiwari,Saxena in Yamraj getup sees window open again n says oh bhabhi forgot again now I have to close n climbs ladder to close window.Chachaji hides to avoid Tiwari see him, Tiwari sees Yamraj at window n again kisses chameli.chachaji says I have to save this women n hits Tiwari,Tiwari puts on the light n says Chachaji,he says u molesting a lady u cheap man, leave her alone or else I will call police, Tiwari says no need of police,Chachaji says call her sister,Tiwari thinks if I call n Yamraj hears me,Tiwari says I can’t plz let her stay here,Chachaji says I’m in love with her Chameli come with me n takes her away with him n says u married man stay away from her she is my love.

Tiwari says God Yamraj what will I do now.Chachaji walks with Chameli, to Vibhutis house,chameli says leave me alone, he says come to me, I saved u from that man, Chameli says u are doing same thing, he says no I love u,hearing voices, Anita n anguri come to them n ask what happened,Chachaji says this Anita’s husband Tiwari was kissing this innocent lady.anguri says poor Tiwari,he says anguri why u look worried for him,oh yes u take him as his brother,anguri says I will go n see him, he says now this enemy girl will go,Anita says no I won’t,Chameli says when she doesn’t want to go why are u forcing her, he says ok darling,Chameli says don’t call me darling, Chachaji says first Anita u go to ur husbands house.

Pre cap : Chachaji says Chameli I love u. Anita n Tiwari at their house,Amaji knocks the door.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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