Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita goes to anguri n says there’s a big problem, Tiwariji is ready to remarry,Anguri says not possible last night he said no when I asked,Anita says Vibhuti convinced him but,anguri says oh no I didn’t expect this from Tiwari,Anita says now finish this,anguri says no I want to see how he marries again.

Anita walks to Vibhuti in bedroom n says get up,Vibhuti asks what baby,Anita says don’t baby me,how are u remarrying Tiwari with a women,Vibhuti says it’s his call,Anita says n if Tiwari was to die shd anguri Marry too,Vibhu says yes anyone can marry her,Anita says Forget them talk abt us,if I’m dying will u Marty,Vibhuti says see Anu I will, I mean u will be hurt,Anita says u shameless man,u men I don’t want to talk to u,Vibhuti says ok my feet

are paining good night,Anita says I hate u.

Anguri in bedroom upset abt tiwaris decision n says what will I do now,what will I do now,let me dance n act as I’m fine n stars dancing,Tiwari walks in anguri pulls him n starts dancing,Tiwari puts off the music n says ur re week don’t dance,anguri says I’m feeling strong n good,Tiwari says see this is the sign of last strength,anguri says meaning,he says I mean u shd rest, anguri says but I’m fine,Tiwari says look u are loosing,anguri says don’t make me angry n leaves, Tiwari says now see how I take revenge of what u did to me,n starts dancing.

Tiwari calls anguri next morning n says here have some sweets,anguri asks why though,Vibhuti walks with a women in ghungat,n says hello bhabhiji n Tiwari,u must be feeling good bhabhiji n this is the women who will marry Tiwari after u,anguri says u really marrying her,Tiwari says sadly yes,how will I live my life after u,anguri says what if I get all well later,Vibhuti says he will have two options then anguri says I want to see her face,Vibhuti says show ur face,anguri says its gulfamkali,Tiwari says take her to kitchen n teach her everything I like, all my fav things n all come Vibhuti we shall go distribute sweets.

Gulfamkali n anguri in kitchen n asks what all dies my would husband like,Anita walks in n asks what is she doing in ur kitchen,Tiwari is Marrying her,Anita shouts what,Gulfamkali am I not a women don’t I feel like having a family,anguri says but alive now,Gulfamkali asks not for long time,Anita says but Tiwari is uneducated,Gulfamkali says I like that abt him,anguri says he snores a lot n doesn’t bathe,Gulfamkali that doesn’t bother me,anguri says he drinks a lot n has lot of loans,Gulfamkali says I will adjust with him anywhere,Anita takes anguri n leaves.

Anguri says Anita see he is marrying Gulfamkali,Anita says what are u saying he shd marry no one else,anguri says plz find a solution to this,Vibhuti n Tiwari walk to them n Vibhuti says treat it as ur first wedding ok n tomorrow will be ring ceremony,Tiwari says yes n anguri plz pull up for 4 more days I want u to bless me on my wedding,Vibhuti says we are busy lets go,Tiwari says one minute Anita bhabhi Gulfamkali needs a sister will u act as one,Anita says no way,Vibhuti says cmon Anu for Tiwariji,anguri says leave I’m not feeling good.

Anita says anguri we need to teach them lesson,anguri says u are right. Tiwari n Gulfamkali all well dressed for engagement,happu Singh starts crying n says now even Gulfamkali is marrying,Vibhuti says plz now she will marry n have a family so now plz, n Tiwariji plz exchange rings,anguri starts crying,Vibhuti says I dint think she will survive more hurry up,Amaji walks in n u will marry n starts beating Tiwari,Vibhuti says bless him n not hit,Anita says I have something for u n hand her a rod,Amaji hits Vibhuti with it,Vibhuti says sweet of u give it to ur son now Amaji hits him too.

Gulfamkali plz don’t hit my husband,Amaji hits her too n she runs away,Amaji says how dare u take this step,Tiwari says anguri is dying so,anguri says no I’m not, I did this bcoz u all were ignoring me n Amaji asked me to do this,Tiwari says me marrying gufamkali was also an act,Vibhutiji ays yes I heard bhabhiji talk to Amaji,Tiwari says I love u anguri n no one else,Tika malka n Saxena walk in,Tika says we are here to entertain u again,Saxena says yes we want u to die happily in peace n all three Start dancing.

Precap : Sunny Leone walks into the colony,n asks Vibhuti do u know me,Vibhuti says off course I do,I love ur movies,Sunny says now u will perform with me young man.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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