Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita to start gromming institue

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenal says yes Anita Anurag felt in water off the boat,actually we were having sunbath and Anurag went boating and while taking a turn he fell Vibhu says didn’t whale fish eat him oh no,they might have thought he is one of them,Meenal says you are juts good at pulling his leg,Anita says how did he survive,Meenal says life guard and Anita me and natural are planning a new business, we have bought a new land near station,Vibhu says and he will built a stable there,anita says stop it don’t interrupt,you always speak at wrong time,yes Meenal tell me.

Meenal says and we will have there Anita grooming institute,you have to invest 1 crore and after then investment Anurag will make,Vibhu says I’m sorry but Anu baby where will you manage this money,Anita says I will steal

or do anything don’t interfere,Meenal I’m in,meenal says Anita if this is success we will have much more chains,Vibhu says Anurag first close your pant chains.

Tiwari on call gets a news his 2 crore cheque for a order is sent and he is very happy,he calls Anguri and informs her,Anguri says now take me out let’s go on vacation,Tiwari says we will go in world tour,Anita walks in and says I’m sorry I’m at wrong time I guess,Anguri says no no please come in,Tiwari says instead you are right time,please tell me,Anita says actually I’m in business with Meenal and Anurag and we are gonna put my grooming institute and so need 1 crore and I promise I will return,Tiwari says sure why nit and hands get cheque,Tiwari says Anguri click a pic,Tiwari says sorry I cant hand you cheque now,Anita asks what joke is this,Tiwari says actually this amount will be added tomorrow In my account,Anita says how should I thank you,Anguri says you are our own why thank,Tiwari says she is right,Anita says you are so good,and let me inform Meenal and leaves,Anguri says you are very nice person.

Anita working,Vibhu asks why aren’t you sleeping,Anita says those who wanna dream sleep and those who wanna work on their dreams are awake,Anita says look this is my institutes plan and Tiwari is gonna lend me money,Vibhu says how do you trust him,his lifestyle doesn’t show that he owns this amount,Anita says he has passed an order and so out of that money he is lending money and then my institute will be a success and there will be money everywhere and you will never have to work you will be in luxuries,Vibhu says baby I wish you the top of world,and I will sell myself for your happiness,Anita says who will buy you but,Vibhu say should night.

Anguri seating in sweaters and dreaming of Switzerland,Tiwari walks and sees her and says look at her and smiles,and pinches her and says you are already in the mood,Anguri says for the first time I will be there and so I’m trying to bring the feel,Tiwari says patience and soon we will be there,Anguri says I cant,and we will have an romantic vacation,Tiwari says I wish bhabhiji was with me,Anguri asks what,Tiwari says nothing I meant let’s have an rehearsal of our romance,Anguri says okay and both perform a romantic dance.

Commissioner on call says come to my farmhouse I miss you,Happu walks in crying,commissioner says did anyone hit you what’s wrong,Happu says my wife,commissioner starts laughing and says did she catch you red handed with other women,Happu says no actually I’m nit promoted since past 5 years,and so she hit me,in front of 9 kids and said if you don’t return with a promotion don’t come back,commissioner says then get promoted,Happu says that’s in your hand,commissioner asks and on what basis should I promote you,okay list your 5 best.

Happu starts thinking,commissioner says how will you find any,because you haven’t any,Happu says tell me what should I do,commissioner says prove yourself,like somebody has kidnapped me how will you save me,Happu asks who will dare to,commissioner says I’m having threat calls and if you find them you will be promoted.

Tiwari gets call from Gupta,he is informed that his order is cancelled,Tiwari says I have spent all my savings in this order,Gupta says I’m bankrupt,Tiwari says what will I do,Gupta says commit suicide,Tiwari starts crying and calls Anguri and tells her the truth,Tiwari says I spent all my savings and now he cancelled order,Anguri says no Switzerland,Tiwari says no ways,Anita walks in and says I’m so happy,your amount must be in account.

Pre cap : Vibhu to Tiwari,you cant see me and my anu’s love,she won’t even for 10 crores sell,Anita says I’m in sell Vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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