Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti saying i am hungry. I ll eat a bit. He opens the fridge n is about to eat something but anita comes n asks what is he doing? He says that he is trying to control his hunger by seeing food. She says so nice n says she’ll help him. He says no you go n rest i ll do it. She says no n insists. She removes sweet from fridge n says that see its so cold with dry fruits. She says smell it. He smells it n he wants to eat it but she takes it. A man comes shouting selling his sarees. Vibhuti thinks i ll take one saree for angoori n other for anita. He stops the man n takes 2 saree’s from him n bargains with him. The man asks he has taken 2 saree’s but why two n for him? He saya both for bhabiji. He says u go n do ur job i ll slap you. He goes. Tiwari

n angoori go out n vibhuti hides. He says this is the right time to go n keep the saree in the room. He goes by ladder n says in angoori’s room her fragrance is nicd but this tiwari’s deodrant is very stinky. He says anyways n keeps the saree n leaves to go but saxena takes the ladder from there n goes. Vibhuti says the ladder is not there so how do i go now? He is going to go from main door but tiwari n angoori come. He goes in the room n looks at saree. Tiwari says what was the need to go in such heat outside we could have ordered it. She says atleast by karwa chauth’s reason we went out. Tiwari is sitting n says how do i forget about this hunger. Vibhuti comes down dressed as a lady. Tiwari thinks that he came in the house. He asks him where is he going n who is he? He says can’t you see i am a lady you big spectacles person. Tiwari says standing in my house itself you are insulting me? Angoori says what happened why are you arguing with this lady? Vibhuti speaks ill about tiwari n says to angoori you are sweet n innocent n says i love you to her n she too says i love u too to him. Tiwari shouts that she is speaking ill about me n what are you saying i love u to her. Shoo her away. Vibhuti says you are such a nasty person i came here to collect chanda(donation) for karwa chauth n you are insulting. He goes. Tiwari shouts at angoori n she too goes. Its evening Tiwari calls the weather reporter n asks him when will the moon come. The weather reporter talls rudely to tiwari. Tiwari bashes him on phone n cuts the call. Vibhuti is sitting down n seeing with binoculars whether moon has come but it has not come. He says to moon that i know that you are doing it by purpose so that i stay hungry. Saxena comes from a rally. Vibhuti stops him n says stop shouting the rally is over. He asks him whether he’ll do his work. Saxena asks what will he get in return. Vibhuti says shock. Saxena asks what do i have to do. He says you have to bring moon. Vibhuti comes in balcony at night n calls saxena n asks whether he is ready. He calls tiwari n says he has done gambling of moon but he’ll have to give 2500. Tiwari says ok. Vibhuti says call angoori i ll call anita. They both call them out n say that moon has come. Angoori says how so early i have to get ready also. Anita says where is it. Vibhuti says see it is coming it has hid in the clouds. Saxena gets the sun up instead of moon. Angoori says has moon got jaundice why is it looking yellow. Tiwari says that it’s moon only u do the rituals. Saxena takes the shock n shakes the sun n then says i like it. Anita n angoori hear it. Anita asks him to come down n says why did he do this? He says i didn’t do it it was been made done by me. She asks who made him do it? He says vibhuti. Anita says its karwa chauth today so i wont create a scene but its not right what u have done. He says i am immensely sorry. Anita n angoori go. Vibhuti n tiwari shout at saxena n tiwari also taunts vibhuti which he can’t hear. At night, vibhuti says to the moon that you knew i am doing fast so you are doing this with me. Anita comes n asks how am i looking? He says outstanding n is going to say i love u but stops at ‘I’ word n anita gets upset. He says i love u then says that i am hungry n feeling dizzy. He says i kept the fast for u n dont be upset. Angoori comes in balcony n says moon has come n calls anita. Then tiwari also comes n they start their rituals. They both feed them water n they both drink it like kids. Then angoori says i made chole puri n etc. Anita says i made paneer mutter malai kofta n etc. Saxena calls them from down n says no use u both kept the windows open so i ate all the food. Tiwari cries n vibhuti faints n the episode ends.

Precap:- Angoori is hitting with hammer on the wall n the vibhuti is looking at her. She takes the hammer behind to hit it again n the hammer falls on his head n he faints. He gets up n says where am i. Doctor says he has lost his memory. Anita tells him to take the bags he says who are you. She says your mom. He says so behave like mom why are you behaving like wife. She says what?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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