Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari going to anita’s house. Tiwari sits. Anita says hello. Tiwari says love you too. Anita says what? I said hello. Tiwari says I got this problem with my ears, so I could not hear, I thought you said I love you. anita says no, its okay. Tiwari says okay and then says where is vibhu? Anita says I removed him out of the house. Tiwari says very well done Bhabhi ji, he has troubled the entire colony, you did right, I say you give him divorce only and throw him out of the house forever. Anita says don’t get too emotional. Tiwari says yes tie him rakhi and make him your brother only. Anita says I said don’t be emotional, please listen first. Tiwari says sorry I have this problem in ears. Anita says its okay. Then she gets a call from her friend in America. Anita

says oh its you. friend says yes, whenever I see a woman fighting I remember you, anita says stop joking. Friend says I am kidding, she says I was saying I will be coming to india with my husband and will meet you. anita says that is nice come soon. Anita keeps phone. Tiwari says I love you too. Anita says Tiwari you please go from here. Tiwari says yes give me snacks, anita says I said get lost. Tiwari says yes toast is fine, I am anyway hungry. Anita is annoyed.
On street, vibhu is with tika malkhan tilu and saxena. Vibhu says when will Bhabhi ji come. He calls Bhabhi ji come fast. Anguri comes in balcony and is drying clothes. Vibhu sings song aja shyaam hone ayi, tika plays the trumpet. Anguri says tu chal mai ayee. As they sing, everyone see and as tika plays the trumpet vibhu snatches and keeps it away. Then he sings again, anguri goes. Saxena gets up and says that was excellent.
At home, anita is there and vibhu comes inside and says can I come in? anita says you are already inside. Anita says why don’t you just leave this stupid work of yours? Stop being that stupid band master. Vibhu says I will not, it is the way I earn and you want me to leave that? anita says my friend from America is coming to meet me, I don’t want her to see you a bandmaster, just close this band and do a real job. Vibhu says no I will not, I cannot stop working for your friend. Anita says then get, before anita says anything vibhu says I understand and goes from home.
Outside anguri is singing song as vibhu tika malkhan saxena and tilu play their instruments. Tiwari is annoyed from his ears and puts some medicine in it. he says what is this band starting again now? I am irritated and why is anguri singing with that useless vibhu? Tiwari goes in balcony, anita is in her balcony annoyed. Both look at the band, Tiwari says stop this nonsense. Everybody stop. Tiwari says anguri why are you singing with them? Come home right now, you will not sing for that band. Anguri says but I like to sing, why are you stopping me? Tiwari says come home now, anguri says no and starts singing. They all play instruments again. anita goes inside annoyed, Tiwari also goes.
At home, in hall, Tiwari tells anguri not to sing again. anguri says but I like to sing. Tiwari says no one in our family has done this band job before, even you will not do it. anguri says no one in your family sang good. Tiwari says as if you are tansen’s daughter. Angrui says I like to sing and you only taunted me yesterday night. Tiwari says when did I sing? Anguri says I said you taunted that I don’t earn from singing that is why I decided to earn money from the band by singing. Tiwari says no need of that, you will stay home. anguri says no. Tiwari says its useless to talk to you, I said once that you will stay home. anguri says I will call mom and she calls mom and tells her that she has joined a band for singing, mom says that is very nice and she should do it if she likes singing, anguri says yes but Tiwari is stopping her, mom says why? give him the phone. Anguri gives the phone to Tiwari. Tiwari takes and mom says loudly why is he stopping her daughter in law from doing something that she likes? Tiwari says he cannot hear anything. Mom says loudly why are you stopping anguri? Tiwari says because she is singing in a public band with that useless vibhu. Mom says you dare stop her, she likes to sing let her do what she want, if not then I will come and beat you. Tiwari says okay and keeps the phone and tells anguri go keeps inging and do what you want. Anguri is happy and goes in kitchen.
At night vibhu tika malkhan and tilu are there on street corner where they have put their small roofs to live. Vibhu plays flute and stops. Tilu says which tone was that? vibhu says it was aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai. Tilu says even my grandfather used to play trumpet. Vibhu says that’s nice, where did he play? Tilu says he did not play in marriages but he played his band when a child was born or a child’s mundan was done. Vibhu says that is nice, that is why you have got a good sense of tone and playing the instruments. Malkhan then says how many days we have to live on street and make food here? vibhu says don’t worry boys one day we will have a bungalow and a huge room where we will practice and different rooms for all of us. Tika says I don’t think that day will come. Vibhu looks at him.

Precap: anguri and the band is playing at masterji’s function. Anguri sings song didi tera dewar deewana. Masterji says shut up everyone. They stop playing and vibhu says what happened? Masterji says because this is not a marriage. Vibhu says what is this? Masterji says it is my grandfather’s death anniversary. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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