Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti frustrated due to hot climate n to distract himself switches on to n goes through news abt hot climate n temperature rising n warning to stay home between 12 to 4 n the reporter gets an sun stroke attack, Anita walks in with allergies on her face, Vibhuti says Anita isn’t home come tomorrow, Anita says Vibhu its me,Vibhuti says what’s wrong with u,Anita says allergies due to sun, Vibhuti says yes I remember even in college u use to get red rashes n everyone use to call u red monkey,Anita says shut up n what abt a cooler go arrange one,Vibhuti says one we had isn’t working, Anita says get a new one, Vibhuti says ok tomorrow I will get one, Anita says go get it quick,Vibhuti leaves.

Anguri in washroom ,Tiwari says anguri come out quickly, laddu says bhaiya stop

disturbing her, Tiwari says shut up n leave,laddu goes,anguri comes out, onward say what are u doing in bathroom since morning, anguri says its so hot n so I’m taking showers to calm me down,Tiwari says u used all water what shall I do now, anguri says go get me a cooler then,Tiwari says ok I will,anguri says I need it today, Tiwari says ok I will go freshen up now .

Tina on call ask Malkha where is he n tells its very hot here n I will call alter,Tiwari joins him n both have buttermilk,tikka says temp is 45 how hot, Tiwari says get me a cooler, tikka says I don’t have any n can’t even manage one,Vibhuti joins them too, he is frustrated with hot climate n says no coolers or ac in Kanpur here, tikka can u manage to get me one, Tiwari says I asked him the same, tikka gets angry n leaves.

Vibhuti says Tiwari Anu can’t bare hot climate she gets allergies I need one urgently what to do,Tiwari says anguri has same problem but just not allergies,Vibhuti says u mean she gets hot I mean hot weather affects her,Tiwari says even I need cooler, Vibhuti says lets get one cooler n share it,Tiwari says good idea.

Anita on call with Meenal tells abt her allergies, Vibhuti walks in n says there’s not a single cooler in Kanpur, Anita says God get an ac,Vibhuti says nothing is available,Anita says how is that possible u are making excuses,Vibhutis ays come with me to market i will show u there’s none n all available are booked, Anita says why didn’t u book n now how will I sleep, lights go off,Vibhuti says look now what will we do,Anita says lets sleep in lawn,Vibhuti says what, Anita says I will sleep out that’s it, Vibhuti says ok.

Tiwari walks out due to no lights n calls anguri n says come out with a bucket of water quickly, anguri comes out gives water n goes in to get a shower, Tiwari says u bathed 6 times enough now, Vibhuti says Tiwari how dare unstop bhabhiji , anguri bhabhi u can come to our house n use water, Anita walks out, Vibhuti walks to anguri n Tiwari to Anita, Vibhuti helps anguri make her bed n Tiwari asks Anita how is her allergy now, Vibhuti fans anguri n Tiwari says I shall get u Kashmiri air here give me fan here I shall fan some air for u, anguri thanks Vibhuti, vibhuti says don’t thank me, it’s my pleasure, Tiwari says anita bhabhiji thank this hot climate I got this opportunity, Pelu turns on his radio n song plays.

Tiwari dreams in Anita dancing n Vibhuti abt anguri, Anita n anguri dance on Bano tera song, anguri says Vibhutiji wake up what are u dreaming abt, keep on with the fan n so does Anita to Tiwari.

Anita sleeping in bed n Tiwari on steps, he Wakes up n sees Anita beside n says good morning but she doesn’t wake up, Vibhuti sees anguri near him n says oh it was fun last night n walks to his house n meets Tiwari in his way both wish each other good morning,Vibhuti says Anu wake up u may again suffer from sun burn.

Happy sign gathers everyone along with tikka n Malkha,Tiwari says Anita bhabhiji ur face still so red, Anita says it won’t go till this temp calms down.happu Singh says Anita bhabhi how did u turn red what’s wrong, Anita says allergies due to sun, why are u here,happu Singh says I have an announcement n according to weather forecast the temp is gonna rise night for three days so don’t step out in afternoon, Saxena walks in Shaikh outfit n says happu Singh is so right.

Pre cap: anguri says Vibhutiji it’s so hot, Vibhuti says I will give u some relief n sprays water over her through spray pump.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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