Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu going on the street and saxena is out. Vibhu has become the wolf and he goes to saxena to bite him. Saxena catches vibhu and bites his hand. Vibhu being wolf runs away. Saxena says i like it.
Anita searches on laptop the symptoms of a man turning into wolf and after reading she realises they are the same to vibhus. She then gets scared. Vibhu comes home and had got hurt on hand. While speaking he is making noises and expressions of a wolf. Anita is scared and asks how did you get hurt. Vibhu says there are many dogs in the street so they bite me. Vibhu says anita to sleep, anita in fear sleeps and vibhu too.
At night there tiwari has gone out but comes back home. He has got hurt on his left hand. Tiwari opens the door and he comes in. He is coming

when mom is there and tiwari does not see her and pushes her. He says where did this mountain come in my house? Tilu switches on the light. Tiwari sees mom and shreiks loudly. Mom says whom did you call a mountain? Tilu saya yes mom he called you a mountain. Tiwari says no i thought it was someone huge so i just blurted that word out. Tiwari says dont you speak in between tilu. Mom asks where had you gone and how did you get hurt?. Tiwari tells he had gone for a stroll but got hurt on his hand. Then he acts and makes noises like wolf and goes in. Mom sits on sofa and looks at tilu. They both are shocked. Tv is switched on. Reporter tells another guy was attacked today by wolf and then tells now sleep and goes. Tilu and mom are scared.
Next day anita is speaking to the doctor and telling him that how vibhu turned inot a wolf yesterday night when she saw from the balcony. Doctor says what? And gets scared. Vibhu comes. He is speaking as well making the noises and expressions of a wolf. Doctor gets scared. Vibhu tells he read in a book of anil bhadiya that he was once bitten by a wolf who drank his blood and thats so funny. Doctor says what and gets scared and says what are you saying? Vibhu says i can make out the litres of blood in your body just by looking at you andtells you have a lot of blood. Doctor gets scared and says run and he goes away out running. Anita tells vibhu she will go and check what happened and she goes too.
There out happu singh asks what happened as saxena also comes. Anita and doctor tell them that vibhu had been acting strange and was bitten yesterday and maybe he is the wolf. Saxena says oh sad and says yesterday i only bit him ashe came near me to bite me and it actually felt good because he felt nice when wolfs haur stroke his body. Saxena says i like it. Tiwari comes and his hand also has cut. Anita asks what happened? Tiwari says nothing i fell yesterday and he makes noises and expressions and goes. Anita tells even he has been hurt. Saxena says i like it.
At night tiku anita and mom are at home and they call a baba. She gives them a string to tie on saxena and vibhus hands and tells this will remove their wolf souls from body and they will be fine again.
At night vibbu comes home after being the wolf outside. Anita says what has happened to you? Vibhu makes the noise of wolf and then says nothing has happened to me. Anita says yes you have become a wolf and what have you done? Vibhu says what and no and he has not. Anita says yes and she puts on the string on him and makes him sleep.
There mom is tying string to tiwari but tiwari telks its not a wolf soul mom and its becausw i was feelimg weak one day and i heard that saxena had a chemical which makes you strong so i drank it and all this happened because of that. Mom says what and why didnt you tell? Tiwari says how could i and i am not feeling well.

Precap: tiwari says to someone on phone that anita cant live without him. Anita overhears this and tells all this to vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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