Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari slapping saxena at home and tells that why did you tell him that my house will be named to tika? Saxena says I am your father. Tiwari tells not here and slaps him again and then tells anita that I am sorry but can take part in this anymore as I even took this saxenas slaps but now my house will go and I am backing off. Anita says if the house I live in was mine then would name it to tikas name and then take it back from him after his marriage. Tiwari says what? Vibhu says yes. Anita tells just name it for now and after the marriage take it back. Tiwari says okay now you are saying so I will make the registry and name it to tika. Tika who was crying says thank you tiwari and you saved my marriage. Tiwari says okay. Vibhu slaps saxena and says this is for slapping

At tea stall tika and tiwari are there and happu singh comes. Tika shows happu singh the registry and tiwaris house on his name, hapu singh says to tiwari that you have become kind and good. Tiara says I am taking it again from him after the marriage. Happu says what and leave it and buy a new one. Tiwari says if u care so much then why don’t you give your house to tika? Happu says forget it. Tiwari tells tika that now go and show this to your father in law. Tika is happy and goes.
At home next day everyone is ready and father and saraswati come. Saxena hugs father and they say that the marriage will be tomorrow. Father says yes but I just wanted to say that instead of bringing the baraat at the hotel why don’t we keep it here only and you people come with the band baaja and we will welcome you as the hotel is very well mannered(sarcastic). Saxena says sure. Father is happy and he and saraswati turn to go. Tiwari is angry and slaps saxena again.
Next day the band is ready on the street and all the town people are ready with tika on the horse as the groom and everyone is ready to dance. Tiwari tells the band person to start playing music, the band starts an old song filled with sadness and alcohol related song. Everyone is dancing, vibhu slaps them and tells the band person that it’s a marriage and play a happy song to dance. Band person says I understood and then tells his men to play a song, they again play a sad song and vibhu slaps everyone and tells them play a happy song. Again band person plays sad song and tiwari hits everyone with chappal, he tells band person to play a particular song. This time the song is played right and everyone come dancing in front of the house. They dance and dance and tiwari dances with anita and vibhu with anguri. Anita tells everyone and to stop and tells we have come in front of the house and why haven’t they come yet to receive use? Tiwari says I will check and knocks his house door. Saraswati opens the door and she is in modern clothes. Tiwari is shocked as is everyone and he comes back. Saraswati says what is this happening here in front of my house and go away. Anita says wait and why aren’t you in the clothes of bride? And what is all this? And where is your father? Saraswati says what bride and this house is mine and that father you are saying is guttu. She calls guttu. He comes in the clothes of a child and is bald and has no hair and beard. Saraswati tells he is her son. Everyone is shocked. Tiwari tells this house is mine. Saraswati tells no and tika named it to me. Tika remembers and when he had gone to his father in law father told him to name it to saraswati so she can be secured. Tika is ashamed and looks away. Tiwari looks at tika angrily. Tiwari falls unconscious.

Precap: vibhu comes home and tells anguri and anita that now the house cant be theirs and she has her name on that property. Tiwari is crying. Vibhu then tells they have only 1 plan and he whispers it in anitas ears. Tiwari begs and tells please do it. Anita says as its anguris house she will do it. Outside tiwaris house anita and anguri have become foreginers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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