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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,hapu singh is taking anguri and there comes vibhuti comes and says to hapu singh tat he cant take anguri and hapu singh asks him to please don’t come in my way and vibhuti says u cant take her like this anita then says to vibhuti tat don’t interfere in police matters and vibhuti says u will have to kill me and hapu singh removes his gun and shoots vibhuti .while everyone present their gets shocked and then hapu singh crosses him and takes away anguri while anita looks at it and says wat a waste and all present there cross vibhutis dead body and he wakes up frightened and he realizes tat it was his dream and anita comes and asks him wat happened and he tells tat he saw this dream tat anguri called hapu singh and accepted her crime and he was taking her away and

I said he has to kill me and he really kills me and crosses over me and u said looking at my dead body tat it is waste of time anita then warns him and says when anguri is ready to accept her crime then wat is the problem and vibhuti sasy tat this is my mission I will not let her go in jail and he leaves.
Anguri calls amaji and is trying to tell amaji tat she is very upset and she has murderd someone while amaji cant here and her phone fells down and anguri is shouting at highest pitch tat she has murdered a man and tiwari takes away phone from anguri and asks her to shut up and leans saxenas body to a wall and shouts at her tat y is she shouting and letting all the Kanpur know about it and suddenly there comes comes in hapu singh and tiwari and anguri gets frightened and he comes in and asks how r u all and tiwari says all ok how come u here and hapu singh says tat he heard anguri bhabhi saying murder and tiwari says tat she sayed mutter are ready and then hapu singh says tat ok actually I m also in a problem and tiwari asks wat problem and hapu singh says tat someone has filed a case of bribe on me and tiwari says tat I knew this was going to happen and then hapu singh says tat I was searching that mad saxena as he is the only one who is the only proof through which I can be saved and I m not finding him while tika and malkhan told me tat last night they saw him with u and so I came here to ask u have u seen him and tiwari says no we haven’t we left him home and came back and there comes vibhuti and says where is the body and hapu singh asks wat body are u talking about and vibhuti says tat I said how r u every body and hapu singh says ok and then says tat I m searching for saxena don’t know where he has been and tiwari insicates vibhuti tat saxena is at the other side of wall and vibhuti asks hapu singh tat his shoe laces are not tied and he bends to tie it and vibhuti makes saxena hide behind the wall and then happu singh leaves
Vibhuti then with the help of tiwari make saxena wear a burkha so that they can hide his body and then they bring him out and he is wearing skates they stop pela the rickshaw man and says tat take them to crematorium and pela gives a chit to tiwari and its written tat who is this in burkh and vibhuti says tat y u want to know who is it its none of ur business and pela gives one more chit and vibhuti reads it that he can only take 2 on the rickshaw and tiwari gets angry and says this is ur helicopter tat u cant take anymore and vibhuti too shouts at him and pela gives him one more chit and its written tat he will not take a jobless man like him and vibhuti tries to hit him and tiwari leaves the body and tries to handle vibhuti and takes him aside and says well he is not saying anything wrong but this is not the time to fight and saxenas body due to skates go away and when they realize tat there is no saxena around they ask pela where is the lady and he just smiles and then vibhuti and tiwari go searching for it
Malkhan is seen talking to a girl in burkha tat he loves her and asks her to marry her while she refuses and sprays tat pepper spray in his eyes and goes to tea stall and orders tea while tiwari and vibhuti come there and they think its saxena and hold her and she gets so angry tat she opens the parda and slaps vibhuti and tiwari and then they see tat saxena is near malkhan and malkhan is saying to saxena tat u must have forgived me and now lets go and marry and vibhuti and tiwari come and get hold of saxena and say she is ours and malkhan says she is mine and from behind comes malkhans girl friend and says I forgived and I am ready to marry u and then vibhuti and tiwari take saxena away.

Anguri is crying in guilt and anita is trying to console her and she says tat I don’t know y is vibhu and tiwari going in a wrong direction and comes hapu singh and he asks anita tat y has she called him here while Hapu singh tells anita and anguri tat I m badly involved in a crime I cant tell u I need saxena to let me out of this case and then anguri says tat hapu singh I have commited a crime and he laughs and says u r such an innocent bhabhi u r saying like u have murdered someone and anguri says yes and anita tells yes she is right she has killed someone and hapu singh asks who is tat and anita tells tat it is the one u r searching for and hapu singh gets shocked and starts crying and says wat u did bhabhiji u killed saxena and anita tells wat happen and hapu singh says tat now I have to go to jail and wat will my pregnant wife will do and then he stares in anger towards anguri and anita and they both too look at him stunned.

Happu singh says to tiwari and vibhuti tat u have killed saxena and u were going to hide his body and then happu singh says tat u all are under arrest .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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