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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, anita is worried as she could nit find ravi and she asks vibhuti have u seen ravi and she says tat I m searching him from 4 hours and vibhuti says tat its ok darling dogs like him come and go and u should not worry so much and anita says tat stop talking nonsense ravi was my friend very close friend and tiwari says tat its just a dog as u have vibhuti here and vibhuti shouts at tiwari tat how dare u call me dog and then they start fighting while anita shouts at them to shut up and asks them to go and find my dog or I will leave this house and then vibhuti says tat u will leave me for a dog and then tiwari thinks if bhabhiji left it will be difficult for me he then murmurs in vibhuti’s ears tat it will be better if we bring the dog back and then vibhuti says tat u

r rit and tells anita that I will bring ravi back and tiwari also says tat we will go in a minute and bring ravi back and they leave
Vibhuti and tiwari goes to saxenas house and calls him out and asks him where is the dog and saxena says tat even I don’t know where the dog has gone last night it bite me and slept and from morning I cant find him and vibhuti says tat wat r u saying and then saxena says tat I think there is gang who is kidnapping such costly pet dogs and they sell it some other place and then vibhuti and tiwari gets tensed and saxena says tat I will search him in market and u search too and then vibhuti asks tiwari to search there and he will search the opposite side
Vibhuti and tiwari come home and anita asks them where is ravi and vibhuti tells her tat now u should forget him he will never come back and then anita shouts wat r u saying and vibhuti says tat actually the dog kidnapper gang has kidnapped him and anita gets very upset and vibhuti then tells tat and this has happen all because of tiwari and then tiwari says not just me even vibhuti is also equally guilty and they again start fight blaming each other tat it was ur idea to kidnap him and tiwrai says it was ur idea to keep it with saxena and anita hears all this and shouts tat u both r guilty and go and find him and then comes in saxena with anitas dog ravi and anita gets happy and saxena tells her tat he was hiding behind my cupboard and then anita says thank u saxena u are a savior
Next day anita is chatting on laptop with her friend and she calls vibhuti to give her a coffee and vibhuti comes out and says tat this is third time u want the coffee hot u take a sip and keep chatting and the coffee gets cold and u ask me to again bring a hot coffee and then anita says so wats the big deal u have no work and vibhuti says tat madam I m busy the whole day I don’t sit and keep chatting I have to do all the house hold work and then anita says chill and vibhuti then says let me see with whom r u chatting and on wat topic and anita tells I m chatting with minal and he says oh ya I remember her from our college and then he goes to see the topic of chat and he reads husbands are servant and he leaves and anita stops him and says tat don’t take it seriously we r just chatting actually u should also do chatting and be social talk to new people on chat book and vibhuti gets an idea and he says sure and goes in
Anguri is talking to her father and she says its been a long time I have seen u and the sheeps and cows too pls send me there picture by post and vibhuti comes in so she hungs up and then vibhuti asks u were talking to ur father tat send pics from post y and anguri tells tat actually my father hates tiwari as he does the business of undergarments so he never comes to see me and vibhuti says he is 100 % right I actually think how did he agreed to ur both marriage and says tat tiwari is such a cheap person and then he looks at anguri and she is lookin in anger at vibhuti and he then says sorry and then he asks her has she heard about the chat book and she says no and vibhuti then says its very nice u can chat to anyone and see them too and then anguri says tat means we can touch the people and can I milk my cows in my fathers house and vibhuti says no we can only talk at any time and he shows her it on laptop and she sees it he then tells her tat lets create ur account and anguri says ok then I will bring 2 photos ,light bill,ration card and I have adhar card too and vibhuti laughs and says this is a account on laptop and we don’t need all this and he asks by wat name should I open the account and anguri says as Mrs.tiwari and vibhuti says bhabhiji choose some other name pl and then she says anguri and vibhuti says tat now this is a very sweet name actually and then he shows how to chat and send friend request and he then says tat we will chat and she says ok and vibhuti leaves
Anita is talking to her friend and she says tat it’s a very nice idea for marketing and vibhuti will be my model and then she hungs and vibhuti comes in anita tells him tat I have an idea for my grooming classes I m deciding to to do marketing on chat and I want u to do modeling with me and vibhuti asks wats the story line and she tells tat I will first show u as an illiterate person and then after taking admission in my grooming classes u will be a hero after tat its just like tat befor and after and vibhuti says no I wont do it if it was a international product then I would have thought and tiwari listens all this and thinks tat it will be a golden opportunity for me to work with anita bhabhi and he comes in and says if vibhuti is not interested I will do modeling for u and vibhuti then says tat wat will u do u look like a an illiterate person and then anita says vibhuti u gave me an perfect idea he looks like an illiterate person and I don’t have to work on his make up a lot just on his good looking get up and vibhuti says do whatever u want and he leaves and anita says to tiwari tat now u r the model of my advertising and tiwari gets happy
Tiwari goes to his bedroom and thinks of chatting with anguri and he then thinks at any time anita can come up and see me chatting and then he decides to go in bathroom and he then calls anguri and says tat she can come online now and we will chat
Anguri talks to self tat I don’t know how to start the laptop so she calls laddu to start the chat book and ladu opens it for her and laddu tells her tat she has got a friend request and its from vibhuti narayan and he says should I delete it and anguri says tat no no add him I want to chat with him he then adds him and tells tat he has messaged u how r u bhabhiji and then anguri says reply tat I m fine ba and ladu says ok and thinks tat this vibhuti brother always troubles my bhabhi ma now I will teach him a lesson.

laddu tells anguri tat vibhuti is asking how r u and she asks ladu to reply tat I m fine and he replies and vibhuti reads it y r u disturbing me so late don’t u have work and vibhut gets upset and says tat I will show u wat ur husband is?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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