Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anita and Anguri agree to ride with Tiwari and Vibhuti respectively on bike.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu starts Hitting Tilu,angrui says dint leave him,you can’t deny me,hit him,vibbu gets emotional and starts hitting Tilu,angrui says who is this man by the way,tiwari says god knows but he hit me bad,Tilu runs away.anguri says look at tiwari he is so hurt,come with me I will apply ointment tiwrai walks in,Vibhu says I told you,bad phase and leaves.vibhu walks to Tilu,Tilu says you hit me so bad,anyways where’s my pay,Vibhu says you will be payed but before that tonight you have to whack him again,Tilu says I don’t know why is this happening but I’m liking it,and leaves, Vibhu says bhabhiji will believe that it’s bad phase and then will ride with me in love bike.

Tiwari and Anguri asleep,Tilu enters through window,Tilu says you have troubled me a lot for my salary now

have fun and starts hitting him,angrui wakes up and says why do you do so,Tilu leaves,angrui says what is this happening,tiwrai says I don’t understand as well,angrui thinks oh no bad phase,Tilu getting down from ladder,his pants stuck,Anu sees him and calls Vibhu and says come catch him red handed,Vibhu says baby it’s not fair he is working hard,and it’s so romantic,Anu says forget it and runs to Tilu and shouts him how dare you and says you thief,and hits him bad,Vibhu somehow saves Tilu and leaves.

Angrui calls Vibhu and says I will accompany you to the temple tomorrow bye good night. Tilu walks to Vibhu and says bhabhiji hit me so bad.

Anguri singing song in garden and watering plants,Vibhu walks to her,Anguri says good morning when are we leaving,Vibhu says as early as possible,so that we can wait on pretty spots and have fun,Anguri says we are going to temple and not vacation,Vibhu says I’m joking,angrui says ok let me go tell tiwrai,Vibhu says no you won’t it’s said if you tell someone your wish won’t work.
Anguri says ok I won’t tell,tiwari walks to them and says Anguri he has no work but you do go,Anguri says why yell I’m leaving,Vibhu says how insensitive of you,you can’t scold bhabhiji like this,prem come son his new bike,tiwari says that’s a nice one,prem says he is just bought it.

Tiwrai says nice scooter you are progressing but your friend look,Vibhu says mind your business anyways congratulations and leave,tiwrai asks prem can I lend your bike,prem says ok but what in return,tiwrai says Gulfamkali dance show free,prem says deal.

Gulfamkali at her bar,a man walks to her and asks how come you are out of bar today,Gulfamkali insults him and says I won’t come with you I have my ride booked,he asks who,prem comes on bike,Gulfamkali says I either ride on bike or in cars now get out,let’s go prem.
The man calls his contact and shares prem scooter number and asks to finish wherever he sees it.

Tiwrai walks to Anu and says your dream will come true,Anu asks what dream,tiwrai says I’m sorry I heard you chat with your friend,Anu says you always do,anyways why are you here,tiwrai says you had a dream to own a house on hills,and I have a friend who owns a land on hills nearby,Anu asks so,tiwrai says buy it,and let’s go on Scooty and have fun,Anu says excuse me,tiwrai says I meant come let’s go have a look,Anu says I don’t have money at all,I won’t spend to buy on the land,tiwrai says think about Vibhuti he would be so happy,Anu says you are right but money,tiwrai says loan from me,Anu says good idea,let me inform vibbu we all will go together,tiwrai says don’t,how will you surprise him,Anu says good idea,let’s go secretly.tiwrai leaves dancing.

Tikka with his girlfriend at tea stall,she insists on going Goa,tikka Denise and she leaves upset,malkhan asks why did she leave,tikka says she wants to go Goa,malkhan saybstat will be expensive.tikka say stell me,how will I manage money,Happu walks ,tikka says can you lend me some money,Happu says I’m tired of my wife,she is behind that new flat I’m short of 5 lakhs and you want me to lend you money,

Vibhu walks to tikka and says I need your bike,tikka says I will need 10000 for it,Vibhu says but we fixed the deal in 2000, tikka says expenses you see,Vibhu says here 5000 remaining amount later,malkhan says sorry we don’t trust jobless people we need full payment,tiwrai comes on prems bike,vibbu says good you came,can you lend me 2000, tiwrai says I wouldn’t give you even a penny but today I’m happy so I will,vibbu says I can’t tell you how happy I am and you helped me in a work you should never learn about,tiwrai says sorry,Vibhu says nothing ignore,anyways this scooty is prems,tiwrai says yes,vibhu asks what’s the plan,tiwrai says why have you rented bike and both tease each other.tiwrai says I’m just waiting for my lottery and then I shall buy similar scooty,Happu says don’t believe in lotteries,it’s just a dream,tiwari says my one dream soon is fulfilling the lottery will be too.

Pre cap : Vibhu says bhabhiji let’s click a pick,blow me a flying kiss,Anguri does so,Vibhu blushes and says now say I love you,Anguri does,Vibhu blushes again.
Tiwrai and Anu together,some guys eve tease Anu,she teaches them a lesson.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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