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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh coming and vibhu looking at the dead body up. Happu singh comes and tells that a women is missing and he has her photo. Then tiwari says show me. Tiwari sees it and suddenly coughs. Then vibhu who is looking up gets scared and is very tensed and keeps looking at the body. Happu singh tells that it is the work of some serial killer. Then anguri says why dont u catch that kuller? Vibhu tries to say killer but cant say as he buffles and is scared. Happu singh gets a call and someone says kiran on the phone. Vibhu says to anguri that its kiran. Everyone laugh. Vibhu says anguri is not scared from kidnapping that woman and tiwari has made her a criminal.
At night vibhu sees from the camera that tiwari has kept the woman in the hall. Actually it is a

doll and it is standing backised to the camera. Tiwari says to himself that what all things he has to do because of anguris mom. Vibhu is seeing that tiwari calls anguri. Anguri comes with a knife. Vibhu gets scared after seeing it. Anguri comes. Tiwari tells her to go and kill her. Vibhu sees it. Anguri stabs knofe and throws the doll down. Vibhu thinks its a real woman and he starts crying and goes and sleeps in the bed and still cries. Anita saya why are u making noises? He says he is not and they sleep.
At night vibhu gets up and comes in the balcony. He sees tiwari and anguri taking the body wrapped in cloth and going to dump it. Vibhu cries and says why are they doing this?
In the morning, vibhu comes down and anita is going to fall when vibhu saves her. She tells she is not feeling well and she tells she will go to the doctor. Chotu is playing a song and comes to ask for salt. Vibhu insults and sends him.
In the kitchen, anguri is speaking to mom. She tells she did what mom had told and they killed 2 dolls and have arranged for another one which they will kill tonight. Tiwari takes the phone and tells mom that she will have to come to toe the third band or else it will not be completed. Mom says oh yes and says she will come in the evening and keeps the phone. She then takes a pumpkin from the rope from gupta ji. She pulls it so hard that gupta ji falls down and mom runs inside.
From the auto, anguris dad come. Pelu gives him a bill of 150rs. Dad says it is very expensive though he will give him the money. Dad tells he has a scooter and is a very rich and big man and he is anguris dad. Pelu give him a chit which has written that so what, whats so great in it. Dad tells you are a very rude and indisciplined man but he gives him the money. Pelu smiles and goes. Dad goes and calls anguri out. Vibhu comes from his home and pulls dad and takes him at his house and closes the door. Anguri comes out and says to herself that she must have heard it wrong. She goes in.
Vibhu tells dad sorry for bringing him like this but what he is going to hear now will give him a heart attack and a shock. Dad tells he has withstood dangerous shocks in life and he is a tough man and tell him freely. Vibhu says its a bad shock and tells him that his daughter is a killer. Dad says is he joking and why is he saying this. Vibhu tells anguri has already killed 2 and they are going to kill another one. Dad say what proof you have? Vibhu shows him the video and dad and vibhu cry. Vibhu tells see this and tiwari has made her like this as he is a wolf. Dad says yes right and he will not leave tiwari. They both decide to complain in the police. Vibhu tells that tiwari is clever and in every murder he has put anguri in the fullground and he stayed in the background so they should save anguri and put tiwari in jail. Dad says yes and anguri is innocent.
Happu singh himself comes. Happu singh tells that another girl is missing and he shows them the photo and tells it is the work of a serial killer. Dad tells he knows the killer and it is tiwari. Happu singh tells he has no time for jokes and laughs and says do they have proof? Dad says yes and they have the video. Vibhu says that first he has to arrest tiwari then they will give evidence. Happu singh tells from now he will keep a watch on tiwari and if he gets any evidence he will pull tiwari and throw him in jail. He goes. Dad and vibhu hug each other and cry and then go and sit.
Anguri is in the garden cutting extra branches of the plants. She is singing khalas song. Dad comes and meets her and hugs her and asks what happened to you and he thinks why does she sing such deadly songs. Anguri says nothing and says she is happy. Dad tells because of that tiwari she is falling into a pit and tells her he is father and tell her everything. Vibhu who is in the balcony says that with such innocence anguri is hiding the truth. Tiwari comes and says wow dad you are here and how are you? Dad slaps tiwari and goes. Tiwari says what did dad do. Anguri says he doesnt like you.
In the evening anita comes and she gets down from the auto. Auto goes. Anita suddenly faints on the ground as her head pains. Tiwari who opened the door that time sees her and holds anita and takes her in.
There vibhu and dad are drinking beer. Dad says what has happened to anguri and cries. Then he sees in the mobile in the video that tiwari brings a woman in. Vibhu says it must be their next victim. There tiwari calls anguri to help him hold anita and they take her till the stairs. Anguri says she is heavy. They turn her. Vibhu and dad see that its anita and vibhu cries loudly and says oh my god and says they are going to kill her(whereas tiwari and anguri are helping her).

Precap: vibhu and dad tells happu singh that tiwari is going to kill anita and help us. Happu singh tells he will nto allow tiwari do that to gori mam and vibhu and happu singh stirm into the house. They go in the bedroom. They see tiwari there and anguri and anita fainted on the bed. Tiwari who is actually helping anita is misunderstood and vibhu fights and punches tiwari. Dad from out of the house asks what is happening vibhu? He suddenly hears the sound of the shot of happu singhs gun.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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