Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti dressed as female walks in tiwaris bedroom,Tiwari says u looking so ugly,Vibhuti says shutup,Tiwari says I can’t share bed with u, Vibhuti says I’m not gulfamkali that u throwing tantrums. Saxena dressed a Yamraj for act, Tiwari goes down to avoid Vibhuti, Panditji sees him n says Yamraj is behind u don’t forget be careful,Tiwari sees Saxena n takes him as yamraj.

Tiwari goes to anguri n Anita n starts crying n says I saw Yamraj,Vibhuti asks where did u see him, Tiwari says in our lane I swear,anguri says how did he look, Tiwari says tall, black, n horns,Vibhuti says why Yamraj goes on buffalo,it’s so slow,Panditji says no we have race in our town buffalos are fast,n Tiwari u have to enjoy with Vibhuti, vibhuti says what do u mean,Panditji says stay

with u like husband n wife,vibhuti says I will shout if he touches me,Anita says calm down its matter of just 5 days,Tiwari says ok Vibhuti come lets go n both leave.

Next morning, Vibhuti in anguria garden watering plants, anguri walks to him n says how nice to see u watering my plants, Vibhuti says yes how are u, anguri says fine, n I’m so thankful to u, Vibhuti says it’s neighbourhood,Tiwari calls Vibhuti Chameli n says go cook breakfast for me, Vibhuti says don’t call me Chameli n I will not cook for u, go help urself, anguri says plz for my sake behave as his wife, Vibhuti says ok n says Tiwari honey come in I will cook breakfast for u, Tiwari says anguri I miss u, anguri says don’t do this Yamraj has an eye on u.

Tika n Malkha at tea stall,Saxena comes there practising his Yamraj lines,Tika says what are u upto now,Saxena says u fools won’t understand this it’s acting, Malkha says we are great actors too, Tika says yes when we go police station we act innocent n get bail,Saxena says that’s shameless ness n not acting what I do is acting, we mads on international mad day are making a play n I’m playing Yamraj,Malkha says plz give us role too,Saxena says u need to be mad for it, that’s not easy,it’s a hard work to be mad, n cheap guys like u aren’t allowed bye now.
Tika says this Saxena is full on mad case, Malkha says he is antic piece.

Tiwari gargling in bathroom,Chameli getting irritated,Tiwari walks out n steps in bed, Chameli says I can’t do this anymore go contact gulfamkali,Tiwari says it’s matter of life n death n not fun, so plz stay here, my life is in ur hands, Chameli says u have fooled bhabhiji n so u have to face all this,Tiwari says look Yamraj has an eye on me so plz stay here,Chameli n Tiwari go to sleep.

Tiwari starts snoring,Chameli wakes up n says God this man. Anita says anguri u look upset,anguri says Tiwari actually has an habit of sleeping holding my hand how he must be managing, Anita says don’t worry Vibhu hugs me when asleep, so they will manage don’t worry,Anita says if Tiwari troubles u give him nice tight slap he will not trouble u, anguri says wow ur so strong,Anita’s ays men are week in bed n u shd never let this go away from ur hands,anguri says still I’m worried for Vibhuti n Tiwari,Tiwari when asleep has no control, once Tiwari was sleeping with tilu n when he woke up tilu had swollen lips,Anita says God save Vibhu.

Saxena in Yamraj get up going for rehearsals,n on call says don’t worry I’m full in character see u soon bye.saxena sees anguria bedroom window open n says oh I guess bhabhi ma forgot too now for safety I will close it n climbs on ladder to close window. Tiwari snoring,Saxena closes window, Tiwari turns around n sees Yamraj at door n so kisses Chameli, chameli gets scared.

Chameli walks to Anita n anguris bedroom n seeing anguri sleep says bhabhiji, Anu Wakeup ladies, Anita says who the hell it is,Anita says Vibhu u, anguri says what are u doing here, Vibhuti says look what Tiwari has done to me I’m being molested, anguri says God look at his cheeks swollen,Anita says did Tiwari cross his limits, Vibhuti says look at me, bhabhiji I’m sorry I can’t do this.

Precap : Chameli dashes to Vibhutis uncle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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