Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita is very angry and calls vibhuti and she asks how r u feeling now and he says much better and she asks him have u pressed this sari and he says yes right from washing to ironing and she then shows him the burnt sari later manmohan comes in and is thinking tat how will bhabhiji react after seeing the sari and he hears from the door tat anita is hitting vibhuti for burning her sari and manmohan says thank god and vibhuti is shouting tat baby its hurting him and he comes out running and locks the door from outside and manmohan then says thank you to vibhuti anita comes on terrace and throws a utencil and it hits tiwari anita says sorry to him but manmohan says its ok bhabhiji and anita says tat oh its so nice tat u got ur memory back
Next morning vibhuti is

going to bring milk while anguri is watering plants at her home and vibhuti comes and listens her singing and tells her tat she sings very nice and while watering by mistakenly she pours water on vibhuti and says sorry to him and then vibhuti says a shayari and anguri praises him for it and vibhuti says when we first met u mentioned tat u also say a shayari and she says yes and vibhuti insisits her to say one and she says one taking manmohans name and then vibhuti also says one on manmohans name and asks her to say this to manmohan once and then anguri ask vibhuti tat if he is going to bring milk can he bring panner for her and he says yes and she gives money while vibhuti says no he cant take it and leaves
Manmohan the same morning goes to anitas house calls her but no one replies and so he goes upstairs to check if everything is ok and he sees anita sleeping he stares at her and then decides to hide so tat she will not think bad about him being here early morning so he hides behind a curtain and kepps staring anita she wakes up and goes in gallery while she smells a bad perfume and says tat she should warn vibhuti to change his perfume as it smells bad and manmohan after listening to this decides to change his perfume and when anita stands in gallery to take some fresh air and manmohan comes and stands behind her and anitas hair fly on his shoulders and he then leaves feeling happy
Vibhuti comes to anguri to give her paneer and hands it to her and comes in manmohan and vibhuti asks him wat r u doing here and manmohan says this question should be asked by me and vibhuti says tat this is like my house so I asked and anguri asks im where have u been such early morning and tiwari says tat he went on ganga ghats to take a walk and vibhuti says tat u r lieing as this hair strand on ur shoulder says something else and asks manmohan whose hair is this and manmohan reminds tat this is anitas hair and he says nothing and anguri says tat it must be hers but vibhuti says it cant be urs as long back I have worked in parlor and I know its not ur hair and he checks it with anguris hair and confirms tat its not her hair and manmohan says tat it may be saxenas as I met him on the way vibhuti then says tat saxena is in mental hospital from last month and tiwari says tat he was released so he met me but vibhuti says tat his hair must be short tiwari says he was in hospital so his hair must have grown so long and then anguri says tat yes tiwari is saying right I believe him and u pls don’t doubt and vibhuti then keeps the hair in his handkerchief and says tat he will later clarify it and leaves.
That night manmohan on his bed is thinking wat will vibhuti do next and prays tat saxena should not be released from the mental hospital and comes in anguri and gives him a glass of milk and says tat she trusts him and she did not believe vibhuti and manmohan gets happy knowing it and says anguri tat he loves her and she smiles and shys and leaves while manmohan thinks tat anguri is so nice and I m behaving with her like this and goes near window
While in bedroom anita asks vibhuti to turn his getup in to deepu mastana as she misses him and he wears all that wig and dress and he tells anita tat u always praise tiwari tat he is innocent and nice I caught a hair on his shoulder and it was not anguri bhabhis and anita then asks him to leave it and asks to close the curtains and when vibhuti goes to close the curtains manmohan sees him and vibhuti closes and goes in and tells anita tat manmohan saw him and anita then asks him to neglect while manmohan after seeing deepu goes to anitas house knocks the door and calls anita and vibhuti then says anita tat this must be tiwari and she says tat u be in deepu mood and I will handle it she goes down and opens door and asks tiwari y is he disturbing so late and manmohan gets happy seeing anita in nighty and he then tells her tat he saw deepu in her room anita acts like she is angry and tells tat wat nonsense r u talking at this time how will he be there and manmohan says it is true tat he saw him and anita then says deepu is a nice man don’t say anything bad about him and vibhuti has told me about u tat there was an hair on ur shoulder a big long hair and manmohan in his mind says tat oh she got to know about it and I cant tell her tat it was her hair wat people will say and decides to take all the blame on me.

Manmohan is talking y did vibhuti told anita everything about the hair wat must be she thinking and comes saxena and says to tiwari y r u thinking so much and when tiwari sees saxena he gets a bit shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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