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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari keeping money under bed, anguri asks what are u doing,Tiwari says robbery has increased n so I’m hiding money here,anguri says yes robbers are smart they can break any lockers,even lalan does so,Tiwari says ur brother n his friends are pain to me,anyways now go get a stick,anguri asks why,Tiwari says I want to break my head,anguri says what,Tiwari say safety,anguri says take a gun, rod won’t help,Tiwari says we need license,anguri says don’t worry brother will help u get an AK47,Tiwari says shutup dint irritate me.

Thief sees an open window n climbs in. Next meaning anguri in garden,Vibhuti walks to her n says good morning bhabhiji,I love u sing songs,this song is my fav u too shoot with ur eyes,anguri says I can’t do this,Vibhuti says see the bullet

from Guns just penetrate ur skin,but by eyes it reaches heart do u wanna learn,anguri says yes sure,Vibhuti says it’s all a matter of love,anguri says I never get what u say,Vibhuti says U look at me n target my heart n wink at me,Anita shouts,Vibhuti says what must be wrong n anguri n Vibhuti rush to Anita, Tiwari also rushes in towel n it slips.

Anita says Vibhuti wake up don’t faint,Tiwari n anguri ask what must be the price of that necklace that is stolen,Anita says 2.5 lakhs,Vibhuti says Anita I had slotted hard to get u that necklace,what will we do now,atleast say once thanku to me for it,Anita says Vibhu actually,happu Singh walks in n asks what happened,Tiwari says robbers stole bhabhijis necklace last night n u are here right now. Anita says what will I say now,happu Singh says don’t worry I will find the thief,anguri says happu Singh this is ur area n there is no patrolling here,u have no control over our area u are useless, happu Singh says I promise I will find the thief,Vibhuti says listen to me if I don’t get the necklace I will commit suicide,Anita says Vibhu calm down, happu Singh says Anita bhabhi give me all details of necklace.

Happu Singh asks when did Vibhuti gift u the necklace,Anita says on our first night,he asks what were u wearing,she says my wedding outfit,he asks was ur face covered, Anita says no,happu Singh asks what happened next,Vibhuti says that what usual happens on first night,Tiwari says no,Vibhutis ays what’s wrong with u people here, happu Singh get me my necklace that’s it.

Tika says Malkha here is 15000 of the sold item,happu Singh n Vibhuti join them at tea stall, Vibhuti says look they have money,happu Singh asks Tika Malkha from where u have this money,the thief comes n sits beside Malkha.malka says it’s our hard works money,Vibhuti says really or is it from the necklace u stole form my house,Tika says bhaiya u are mistaken we sold old furniture store n earned this money don’t doubt us,happu Singh says don’t trouble these guys, Vibhuti is in pain,the thief asks why don’t u find me suspicious,happu Singh says bcoz u look good man n leaves.

Vibhuti n Anita go to tiwaris house for dinner,Tiwari says forget abt what happened,relax n why dinner with us,Anita says thanku,Vibhuti says sorry I can’t I’m very hurt,anguri says plz forget ur pain n have some good time with us,toward says ok,bhabhiji come sit,anguri says Vibhutiji plz for me, Vibhuti says ok n takes lot of food in his plate,all look at him surprised,Tiwari says I hope he didn’t ate his own necklace,happu Singh walks in n says u are here n I was searching u at ur house,Vibhuti asks did u find necklace,happu Singh says sorry I didn’t, Vibhuti says how useless, happu Singh says u have no idea how worried I’m for bhabhijis necklace but u are here stuffing food in ur stomach,I haven’t ate anything since morning.

Tiwari gives him one bite,Anita says Tiwariji plz , happu Singh plz join us,happu Singh says thanku, n I was where to tell I have caught few suspicious people, anguri says come have dinner, everyone abt to go back to their homes after dinner, Anita sees necklace box at her door,Anita calls everyone n says look my necklace,all rush to Anita, Anita says the thief gave me my necklace back,Vibhuti says Anita I’m so happy to see it back,Tiwari says this is great,happu Singh says this is bcoz of my threat u see,Anita says there’s a letter in it,Vibhuti says read it.

Anita reads it,this is shameful bcoz I robbed in this house, when abt to sell it jeweller told its worth just 250 Rs, the person shd die in hell,Anita says ok good night everyone I need to talk to Vibhuti, all leave.anita says Vibhu open door lets walk in,both go inside, aniat closes the door,n hits Vibhuti a lot,Vibhutis ays plz forgive me Anita sorry don’t hit me.

Pre cap: Anita says Vibhuti u always forget my bday,I want u to give me a lavish party.
Anguri asks Vibhutiji no party,Vibhuti says no it’s a waste of time,anguri says oh I thought of dancing n having fun in party.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Ha ha ha ha ha rs. 2.5 lac ka necklace only rs. 250 ka nilka…..

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