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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anita reads newspaper for job appointments, and reads a peons vacancy and says i shd ask vibhu to go, vibhuti comes and says anu here i brought milk anita says enough vibhu do u want to keep doing household works,vibhuti says i don’t like to, i am doing bcoz i am finding no job, anita says theres a job with 10000 per month salary and u will get a cycle too, and its nothing new from what u do here in house, its a peon job, vibhuti says anu i look like a chocolate boy n u want me to do peon job, i am sorry.
Tiwari enters, vibhuti asks why are u here, tiwari says i have job for vibhuti and that to in dubai, my friend from dubai has offered one, he will pay 2 lakhs for 2 months, anita says wow thats great, tiwari says u have to satisfy him, vibhuti says what

do u mean by that, tiwari says its same job ramlal does in sholay, it is a bedroom job, i mean theres a safe in his bedroom u have to keep accounts of it, anita says thats great, tiwari says sheikh will be here soon n he will interview vibhutiji, vibhuti asks what does this sheikh do, tiwari says oil mines, vibhuti says oh he is a big man, tiwari says he like Indian men too, vibhuti asks what does that mean, and if i go dubai i will carefully examine him before joining, tiwari says he will do same with u in dubai and go check if tea is ready vibhu leaves, tiwari says now vibhuti will go dubai n bhabhiji alone wow.
Vibhuti riding rickshaw n anguri singing behind,n vibhuti singing for her n says look at the moon, anguri says that moon is nothing in front of u and sings back for him,anguri calls vibhuti from balcony and vibhuti realises it was a dream, vibhuti says bhabhiji will u have jalebi, anguri says no i cant moon isn’t there still, tiwari comes and says anguri i had food, vibhuti says oh no no, bhabhiji hasn’t eaten or even drank water and u don’t even care, tiwari says who the hell are u to interfere, vibhuti says i am ur neighbour, tiwari says go look at bhabhiji she is so worried for u but u, anguri says plz stop i am very happy with ladu ke bhaiya, vibhuti says even anita is happy with me, tiwari says u are just lying, anita joins them n asks whats wrong now, vibhuti says anu bhabhiji hasn’t eaten or even drank water and tiwariji just had food look, anita says even u do that don’t u remember karvachout, u all men are the same, right anguriji, anguri says very correct, tiwari says ok gn bye, anita says anguri have food now, anguri says no no i will wait for moon, anita says ok gn.
Vibhuti brings a moon sketch and hides with in trees, anguri sees it and says oh moon, vibhuti says i am so smart, anguri begins with her pooja, saxen sees vibhuti on tree and throws stone at his moon, the stone hits vibhuti and he falls down, saxena says u trying to fool anguri bhabhi, vibhuti says shutup u and leaves, anguri opens her eyes n sees theres no moon n says anyways i have seen moon and eats food.
Anita sleeping wakes up n sees vibhuti isn’t beside her, vibhuti enters with injured ear and goes to sleep, anita asks where were u roaming(ghomm rahe ho), vibhuti says where am i kissing(choom rahe ho), anita ignores and goes to sleep.
Vibhuti wakes up n realises he cant hear from an ear, he walks to get milk, anguri calls him but vibhuti doesn’t hear, she asks a near by man to call him, vibhuti misunderstands her words, anguri says what are u saying and asks are u drunk, yesterday night i dreamt that there was theft and the robber cut tiwaris hand and asked him to beg, vibhuti doesn’t understand anything n says what a joke,anguri says are u mad, i don’t want to talk to u and goes, vibhuti says what did i do.
Anita says vibhu where were u i was waiting for nashta, vibhu says why waiting on rasta, anita says what are u saying anyways tiwarji will come with sheikh, vibhuti says cake for nashta, anita says cmon enough of it, tiwari enters with sheikh and introduces them to eachother, sheikh says anita bhabhi is so fair in Bhojpuri, anita asks why is he speaking Bhojpuri, sheikh says my mom Bhojpuri and father Arabic.

Precap: sheikh asks vibhuti whats ur umar(age), vibhuti says my kamar(waist) is 32.
Happu singh says my old girl friend called me and while talking to her my wife woke up(jag gayi), vibhuti says what she ran away(bhaag gayi), n shouts loudly ur wife ran away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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