Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita working on thesis on Dracula.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita reading,Vibhu walks to her and sits beside her,Anita says don’t sit on my books they are from library,Vibhu says why are you reading these scary books in Dracula,Anita says I’m doing thesis,what’s wrong,it’s my phd subject,Vibhu says last night you were screaming in dreams,Dracula Dracula,you scared me,anyways take a break,Anita says no ways I want the doctor tittle,Vibhu says are you mad,Anita says what’s your wrong,Vibhu says this subject is a myth,Anita says how dare you say that,people have researched on it,why do Dracula drink blood,why does Sun harm them,I’m curious about it,Vibhu says it’s so suspicious,are you an Dracula,Anita says then I would drink even the single drop of blood.

Vibhu says cmon honey take a break, I’m

bored ,Anita says go scroll down,Vibhu says I shall sleep down as well,then don’t call me Vibhu baby I miss you,Anita says ok I won’t, Vibhu leaves. Anguri walks out of her house and walks with a bowl,Vibhu walks out and says this Anita is a weird women and her stupid ambitions,Dracula thesis ,Pelu walks to him,Vibhu says you still awake,Pelu hand him note which reads come with me will show you something,something you will never want to see,but it’s important that you should see,Vibhu says ok anyway so have no work come let’s go.

Anguri in red saree,looks at the moon and prays,Pelu takes Vibhu to near by tree and hands a note which reads hide,Vibhu sees Anguri, Pelu says she is bhabhiji,now just what and watch,Vibhu asks what’s in that bowl red in colour,Pelu hands note which reads blood,Vibhu says no that must be beetroot juice,pelu says then why will she drink it here,she can have it in her house too,Anguri drink it and leaves.vibhu says red saree, blood and the red tikka,what is this,come Pelu drop me,Pelu hands him note,go by yourself.

Next morning,Anguri walks to Tiwari and wakes him up,and says here your bed tea,Tiwari asks what’s the time,Anguri says nine,Tiwari asks did he take the keys,Anguri says yes and I gave him breakfast too,Tiwari says why did you, you should have given him last nights stale food,Anguri says calm down and she starts feeling giddy,Tiwari says Anguri what’s wrong ,Anguri says don’t worry may be because I didn’t sleep well.Tiwari says let’s go doctor,I can see you in this state,Anguri says calm down I’m fine,

Tikka malkhan at tea stall,tikka says I’m missing English alcohol,malkhan says go have it,tikka says money,malkhan says it’s six thousand a bottle,tikka says I’m tired of this local drinks,malkhan says I wish I find someone who gets us one,Happu walks talking on phone and later says my job has gone now,Vibhu says sell peanuts then,Anita asks what’s wrong now,Happu says the thing is,there is a blood bank in Kanpur and the blood there is been stollen every now and then,Vibhu says then why are you go search but you are here,Happu says you are too much at times,Anita says I know who it is,it’s a Dracula,look at this book, bakers street had same incident,Vibhu says enough Anu,that can be a human too,Anita asks what will a human do,Vibhu says sell it,Happu says how can you be so sure,Vibhu says she is writing a thesis,Anu says I’m so excited we have a Dracula in town,Vibhu says baby you need help come with me.

Anguri feeling giddy,and restless,she gets a call from Amaji,and she tells her about her health,Amaji says aren’t you having my red kadha,do it as told,pandit Rampal has asked to do so,he says your blood levels will be all well then,and don’t tell Tiwari about it and I have sent Tilu with kadha and don’t tell him as well, have some as soon as you get and with all the procedure.

Tilu gets kadha and asks what is in it,Anguri says some medicine,Tilu says I promised Amaji so didn’t open,Anguri says okay,Tilu says I’m hungry,Anguri hands him cauliflower,Tilu leaves,Anguri opens the bottle but Tiwari calls so leaves, Vibhu walks to kitchen window and sees the red kadha bottle and is shocked,he takes it as blood and says so she is having blood regularly let me see whose blood is this,Anguri walks In and Vibhu hides,Anguri prays and drinks the kadha,Vibhu says god she just had it and enjoyed it,Anguri leaves,Vibhu says bhabhiji is an Dracula now oh god.

Pre cap : Vibhu says look at bhabhiji she is a Dracula,Tiwari says this is a lie,Vibhu says okay tonight keep an eye on bhabhiji,Anita confused.
Anita says god Vibhu I will see a Dracula now.
Tiwari asks Anguri are you awake,she wakes up and bites him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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