Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti to leave Kanpur.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari whistles to Angoori,she starts singing,and comes out in garden with her face half covered,Vibhu walks to her,and says so peaceful and says say something why are you hiding your face and not talking,Tiwrai says how will she,you did this to her,the cream you gave to her spoilt her face,Vibhu says oh god this can’t happen, and says bhabhiji please say this isn’t true and just a prank,Angoori walks in.

Tiwari says she won’t say a word, and walks in and starts crying. Vibhu starts crying too, Saxena Walks to him and asks boss salon is flooding with clients let’s go,Vibhu says the salon is shut,Vibhu slaps him and he leaves. Vibhu looking at Angoori pic in his mobile and says this face was my world,the beauty,I spoilt it,oh god life sucks, tiwari walks to him, Vibhu says

yes blue panther tell me,how is bhabhiji,tiwrai says you destroyed my innocent wives life,and now asking how is she,Vibhu says I made a huge mistake,punish me I accept it,Tiwari says leave this place and go away,Vibhu asks what,Tiwari says even Angoori wants it,Vibhu says she won’t say this I will talk to her,Tiwari says she doesn’t want to see you,so asked me to convey this to you,Vibhu says okay if this is what she wants but Anu,she will be alone,tiwrai says me and Angoori are here and anyways you have done nothing for her.vibhu says true,Tiwari leaves.

Boys at tea stall with coloured faces crying, Teeka says we have to do something by tomorrow, a man walks to them and says truth doesn’t hide for long,teeka says it can if there is unity, Tilu asks but who are you, he says I’m here to see you,anyways what do you do,boys start insulting him and list their bad dead’s, teeka asks by the way who are you,Tilu attacks him,Gupta stops him and says don’t and what’s wrong with your face tomorrow the father is gonna come see you and turns around and sees Trivedi, trivedi says good I came early I saw the true colours of these boys, teeka falls in his feet and say sorry, Trivedi says shut up and go seat, Gupta says actually I told them to get groomed, Trivedi says these are shameless and cheapsters and look at them and leaves, Gupta scolds them and leaves.

Gupta walks to Happu and seeing his moustache starts laughing, Happu says it’s okay why laugh so much,Gupta asks your moustache, Happu says forget that you tell how’s your business, Gupta says all good,how about you, Happu gets upset,Gupta says chill, Happu asks by the way where are boys,Gupta says they have a job now,Happu asks who gave them a job,Gupta says come with me,you will know.

Vibhu leaving,angoori says to Tiwari you didn’t do go,Vibhuti is leaving,Anu will be all alone how will she live,tiwari says there’s me you,angoori says but she will need a husband,Vibhu walks in to see Angoori for last time and hears them talk,angoori says I played the prank just for sake of revenge but he is so hurt,Vibhu says thank god you are alright bhabhiji.

Happu and Gupta walk to a circus and see boys entertaining kids as jokers,Gupta says this is their new job.

Pre cap : Tiwaris left eye twitches. Puthan in kanpur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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