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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti coming out of the house n tika n malkhan are trying to sell their lottery tickets to him. They say that even people like him who are beggars will get rich. He slaps them n asks from where does he look like a beggar to them. They say no. They both say you takes this lottery ticket u ll definitely win n swear upon anita. He slaps them again. Tika says no i swear on malkhan. Vibhuti says if i dont win then i ll change your facial structures.

He goes from there to angoori’s house. Angoori calls ammaji n tells her that i got you photo framed. She says yes i ll hang it on wall now n keeps the call. She climbs the stool n hits the hammer on the wall to fit the srew. Vibhuti comes in n keeps staring at her lovingly n calls out to her n she gets scared

n looses her balance but manages not to fall. But vibhuti gets disappointed n says how is she. She says fine n says she is putting ammaji’s frame on the wall. He says ohh she died i am sorry. She says no i am just putting it on wall n u wait. Angoori starts hitting the hammer on the wall to fix the screw n vibhuti stares at her. She takes the hammer behind to hit it again n the hammer falls on his head n he faints. Sge says wgere did the hammer go n looks behind n sees vibhuti has fainted n the hammer has hit him. Doctor comes to check him. Tiwari says to angoori who told you to hit the hammer on wall n whats so early to hang ammaji on wall. She says i didnt do it purposely. Doctor says lets waut for him to come back to senes. Vibhuti comes back to senses n says where am i n who are you all. Doctor says he has lost his memory. He gives medicine to him n says take this. Doctor says give me fees i have treated you. Vibhuti says i forgot n goes. He asks tiwari n he also says i forgot n goes.
Vibhuti comes out n anita also comes in auto. She tells him to take the bags he says who are you. She taunts your mom. He says so behave like mom why are you behaving like wife n saying so he goes. She says what? Tiwari comes n tells her that he lost his menory n tells whole incident. She says ohh god n says now what will i do? Vibhuti comes n says anu give me the bags i ll come. She says see what was this tiwari saying that you have lost memory n scold tiwari a lot. She tells vibhuti to come fast. He says yess you go i ll come. He taunts tiwari n goes. Tiwari looks angry n pellu smiles n tiwari shouts at him.

Anita tells vibhuti to get coffee. Angoori comes crying to anita n says i am sorry i am feeling guilty. She says no no dont be vibhu didnt loose his memory. Angoori gets glad. Then anita flaunts that my personality is such that no one forget me. Even my college friends don’t forget me. I want to them to forget me but they don’t. She says ask vibhu. He comes n she says to him tell her about me he says who are you. Anita gets mad n angoori says she is anita you eife n he says who are you. She says i am angoori laddu k bhaiy’s wife n anita says she is tiwari’s wife vibhu. He confuses all of this. Anita says i ll help you get you memory back. Angoori says all the vest but vibhuti doesn’t correct her n anita says its best.

Angoori goes crying from anita’s home to tiwari. Anita takes vibhuti upstairs n says i ll make u remember everything u come to my room. He says i dont go to other woman’s room. There tiwari is angry that how did vibhuti get his menory back n says anita is angry with me n gets upset n irritated. Angoori comew crying. He asks what happened. She says she went to meet anita n is feeling very guilty as to vibhuti lost his memory n she is struggling to tell him who she is. He gets happy n goes. Anita is talking on the phone to her friend n says god knows what will happen now i am very tensed for vibhuti as to how will he get his memory back.

Tiwari comes n says bhabiji ghar par hain? Anita says to her friend i ll talk to u later. She says yes come come. He says i came to say bye to you as i am going forever. She says why? He says because i cant bear you anger n sings a song. Anita says i am sorry tiwari actually if anyone says anything bad about vibhuti so i get very angry. She says unfortunately whatever you said was right that vibhuti has lost his memory. He says where is he now? She says that he is fighting with his memory in his room. She says i dont know what will happen now how will he get his memory back who will be there for me i am totally tensed. He murmurs i ll be there u juss call me. She says tiwari what are you murmuring. He says nothing i was saying that he will get fine u pray to god everything will get fine. He says we should call the doctor. She says yes he can only heal him now. Tiwari says in mind the doctor will heal vibhuti when i ll let him do that. He smirks.

Precap:- Tiwari n vibhuti have a talk regarding his memory. Vibhuti is at angoori’s place n she is crying that ohh god how to handle vibhuti. He says bhabiji by mistake n keeps quite. Angoori looks at him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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