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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and anguri coming from market. Tiwari and anguri tell good morning to anita and vibhu who are in the frontyard. Vibhu tells anita that dont insult me here. Anita says what not to say? And you are jobless. Tiwari says yes that is true. Then vibhu says you shut up. Tiwari laughs and asks what is the job? Anita tells i told him to take a job in a hotel as a waiter. Tiwari laughs and says that is only what he is capable of. Vibhu says you shut up. Anita says no you first go take a job and then talk with him. Vibhu looks down. Anguri says yes you take the job. Anita then tells that if you dont take a job soon then i will not let you in my house and she goes. Vibhu is feeling insulted and ashamed. Tiwari laughs and goes. Anguri tells vibhu you can take that job as it

is good. Anguri goes. Vibhu says to himself that anita should not have insulted her in front of anguri.
At the tea stall, vibhu is drinkibg tea. He suddenly throws it saying what is this and is this what you call tea? He then tells that in return you even want money and where should i bring it from? Then prem comes with a friend. Prem says what happend and why are you so sad? Vibhu says i think i have taken the worng decision of marrying. Prem tells everyone has taken the wrong decision. Then vibhu asks who is this? Prem tells this is khusatiya andhe is a very rich business man and wants to make movies. Vibhu says thats good. Khusatiya tells he wants to take him in the movie. Vibhu says thank you and i would be happy. Prem tells but he is making corrupt type of like blue films. Vibhu says what and i will not be a part of this. Prem tells he will give you 1 lakh for 1 movie and you will get to do 10 movies and you will earn 10 lakh so take this job and all your problems will go. Vibhu thinks and says ok i will do it. Khusatiya tells ok you have to be director and also write the script and choose the actors. They give him 20k in advance and say he will give the rest later.
At home vibhu goes. He is sitting in the hall and watching blue film and is understanding the concept. Then anguri comes. Vibhu tries to switch the laptop off but it gets stuck. Then anguri hears noise and asks what is this? Vibhu tells nothing just a horror movie and the woman is screaming. Anguri says oh wow you give me that cd and even i will watch it. Vibhu says okay. Then tiwari comes. Vibhu says you wait i want to talk to you. Anguri goes. Vibhu tells tiwari he wants to take him in a film as a hero. Tiwari says what and that is good. Vibhu says he will tell everything later and here is 10k in advance. Tiwari is happy and goes.
At night vibhu is in balcony writing the script. Anita comes and tells stop working and lets go in. Vibhu says let me work. Anita tells what are you doing now? Vibhu tells heis going to make a film. Anita laughs and says what? Vibhu swears on his mom. Then anita tellsthenwho is the cast? Vibhu tells its tiwari in the lead role and gulfam kali as the heroine and i am the director and writer and khusatiya is the producer. Anita asks who is khusatiya? Vibhu tells he is a rich businessman and a friend of prem. Anita says why didnt you take me as i am a very good actress and you should have taken me. Vibhu says he is going to make 10 films back to back and he will take her in the next one. Anita says no she wants to be in this one. Vibhu goes and sits and says you are so selfish and now i am working and you are not happy about that but you want to be in the movie instead.  Anita comes and its and says okay sorry but now atleast stop working and lets see what you are doing in the room. They go and sleep.
At home tiwari is in the room and telling someone that he is going to be a hero soon. Anguri comes and sits. Tiwari says i have a good news. Anguri asks what? Tiwari says he is going to be in a movie which vibhu is making. Anguri tells that it is awesome and i am calling mom and telling her. She calls mom. Tiwari says no. Anguri tells mom about it. Mom tells tiwari that what are you doing and go and sit at that undergarments shop and dont do this stupidity and show off. Tiwari says mom i am just doing for passion and fun. Mom says shut up but tiwari cuts the phone.

Precap: saxena tells tiwari that the character you are doing is not actually a character because that character is so insulting that you will be called a characterless person.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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