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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying that anguri danced on the street in front of vibhu and he is ashamed. Then anguri is coming. Tiwari acts asleep. Anguri comes and sleeps. He then gets up and says that lets call her. Tiwari calls her 3 times but she doest get up. He then calls her loudly. Anguri gets up and says what happened tiwari? Tiwari says dont you knkw what you just did right now and come back? Anguri asks what did i do? Tiwari says no nothing and sleep. Anguri says why did u wake me up and let me sleep and switch off the lights. Tiwari turns off the lights. He then says to himself that how doesnt she remember anything and is she walking in sleep and dancing too? Tiwari rhen says that he should call the doctor tomorrow morning or else one day anguri will dance in front of whole

kanpur in sleep.
There anita says to herself that she will see vibhu today because he sees anguris dance. Vibhu comes shocked. Anita tells where were you. He says down. Anita says she has seen everything and that he goes everyday to watch anguris dance. Vibhu says you are misunderstanding and i myself am confused because anguri last time came by herself and suddenly started dancing on a song. Anita says why didnt you tell me. He tells what would i tell you. Anita tells we will know now tomorrow morning what happened to anguri.
Next day doctor comes he tells anguri has a problem and she dances in sleep. Vibhu says so now? Doctor tells that she will have to take medicine. Vibhu tells no dont give and why are you killing her talent? Tiwari tells so is dancing in front of everyone a talent? Anita tells vibhu to shut up and dont use your brains here. Doctor gives anguri medicine and tells take 2 tablest daily and your problem will be solved.
At the same night vibhu comes down and thinks that everyone took away his love and he will now not be able to see anguri dance. Anguri comes again in sleep. Vibhu smiles and thinks yes she came again. This time anguri comes and slaps vibhu. Anita and tiwari also come there. Vibhu tells anita anguri slapped him. Anita tells tiwari its ok and anguri did it in sleep. Tiwari tells vibhu that if anguri can dance in sleep then she can slap too. Tiwari smiles. The episode ends.
Next day morning anguri is watching tv. News reporter is telling that a guy named bahubali has started looting rich people and he gives the money to poor people and is doing a good work. Anguri says wow this man is good. Reporter tells that no one knows who is bahubali but this guy is doing what the governement should do. Tiwari comes and asks anguri what happened? Anguri tells she loves this guy bahubali who is helping the poor. Tiwari tells then you should be proud of me too. Anguri asks why? Tiwari tells because he does the same and the business which he does of undergarments, he buys undergarment cloth for 1 or 2 rupee and stamps a company name on it and sells for 100rs. Anguri says what you do this and i dont like such people and go away. Tiwari says he is also looting rich people. Anguri says no but you dont give to poor ones and i dont like this. Tiwari says ok i will bot do this from now onwards.
At home anita is watching tv and happu singh is there. He is saying that what he cant do that is being done by bahubali and bahubali is a good man and he will support him for helping the rich. Anita says yes ofcourse and happu singh takes bribe so how will he help him. Happu singh then says jai hind on tv and says jai bahubali and goes.
Vibhu comes. Anita tells him about bahubali and tells him to be a bhaubali for her. Vibhu says no and no one knows who bahu bali is and people will start thinking that he is real bahubali. Anita says she doesnt know and he has to be bahubali. Vibhu says no. Then anita gives him an angry look. Vibhu says ok.
At night anita calls vibhu in bedroom. Vibhu has become the bahubali and has come into that character. Anita says wow you are bahubali. Vibhu says how are you baby? Anita says isthis how bahubali acts and get into his character and not into a goon’s. Vibhu says how will he and he hasnt ever met bahubali but he will try.

Precap: anita calls anguri and tiwari and tells them that she knows bahubali and it is someone who is really very close to her. Tiwari asks who. She calls vibhu and tells see vibhu is the real bahubali. Anguri says are you serious? Anita says yes. Tiwari cant believe it. Anguri faints.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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