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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhus uncle coming in auto. He gets down and asks pelu if he will drive txi in london? Pelu smiles and takes the money and goes. Uncle goes and rings the bell. Vibhu tells tika to open it. Tika opens the door and is sleepy, he goes and sleeps. Uncle comes in and he sees anita and vibhu sleeping together and anguri and tiwari sleeping together. He wakes vibhu. Vibhu screams as he sees him. Everyone get up and they all scream. Uncle says why are you sleeping wuth this anita and i can understand that anguri is sleeping wuth her brother. Vibhu says he was in sleep and when he came here he did not understand. Uncle tells anita and tiwari to go to their house. Vibhu says let them sleep here as it is hot outside and he has a cooler. Uncle says okay and he sleeps on tila and

malkhans bed. Tiwari sleeps beside anita and vibhu sleeps beside anguri. There is an awkward silence.
Next day at tea stall tiwari sits and says that because of vibhu again his uncle came and what a mess. He then says but he enjoyed sleeping beside anita and it was a good experience. Vibhu comes and sits. Tiwari blames him and tells why dont u send your uncle back. Vibhu says shut up and tiwari says lets forget this thinking it to be a good i mean bad experience. Vibhu says okay. Saxena comes and says he likes the heat. Tiwari says then go and dance in this insane heat. Saxena says good idea and he will and saxena tells tea stall owner to put on the song and he will dance. Saxena dances on a song like meantal guy. Vibhu gets up and slaps saxena. Saxena says i like it and goes.
Happu singh and teacher are searvhing for the cooler. They come at tiwaris house now. Tiwari and anguri are there and teacher and happu come. Happu singh tells tiwari that from where did he buy coller as it looks same like masterjis. Tiwari says he bought it from vibhu. Teacher says that vibhu told he took from delhi. Tiwari tells that he doesnt know and ask that to him and he just bought from vibhu. Happu singh says okay and says he will bash that person who has stolen cooler. Happu goes with teacher.
At frontyard vibhu is there and happu singh and teacher go there. Happu asks vibhu that tiwari took the cooler trom you and from where did you bring it? Vibhu says i bought it from wherever and why do u care? Happu tells that his cpoler looks same like teachers and i suppose you stole it. Uncle comes. Happu singh says hello and uncle tells happu that he sent that cooler as courier to vibhu and he has not robbed it. Happu says oh okay and uncle says that vibuu is not a thief but he is going to get my property of 100 crores and he is not thief. Uncle says he is so rich that he can tell the minister to remove your police post now. Happu singh says sorry and goes. Uncle tells vibhu that he knows he only stole it right? Vibhu smiles. Uncle laughs and says that our family is like that and they both laugh.
At night vibhu anita tiwari and anguri are there. Tiwari says do something and because of your uncle we have to suffer. Vibhu says what do i do and he comes everytime. The bell rings vibhu opens the door.

Precap: bell rings at night and tika opens and sleeps. Tiwaris mom comes and she sees anguri sleeping beside vibhu and tiwari beside anita. She wakes tiwari. Tiwari screams and everyone wake up and everyone scream.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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