Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaibhuti on call at tea stall says I’m topper at Chhapra university I won’t work as peon,get lost, prem comes with Gulfamkali and says hi, Vibhuti says hey how are you,prem says I’m good but Gulfamkali sprained her leg, Vibhuti asks how come,Gulfamkali leans on Vibhuti and says he lifted me and lost balance, Vibhuti says please behave and says prem why do you have to do such cheapness look your excitement will not let her preform for 15 days,how will she earn now, prem says even I’m at loss now, Dubai big business man is here to see Gulfamkalis dance and will sign my deal only if he is entertained and so tell me do you know any lady,Vibhuti says I have no such contacts,Gulfamkali says even my musician is ill ,Saxena says I can help you sister Gulfamkali I can play

music, prem says god now only dancer we need, Vibhuti says Orem how about you were ghungrus and dance and leaves.

Vibhuti sees anguri dancing on classical music,a crow shits on him,he goes and cleans himself,Vibhuti walks to anguri in admiration,anguri gets scared, Vibhuti says bhabhiji oh my god, you are very good,anguri says actually I’m trances classical dancer,Vibhuti says great I could see the delicate moves and the rhythm in your dance,the style, anguri says I don’t know all this I just get lost in music when I dance,Vibhuti says let the world see your talent,I will help you try in movies, anguri says no Tiwari won’t allow, Vibhuti says talent has no boundaries and if kept in one the artist should break one so finish Tiwari,anguri says what,Vibhuti says give him divorce, anguri says he is my husband and I will never do any work that upsets him and leaves.

Anita looking for job vacancies in newspaper and finds a waiter job with 10000 salary, Tiwari walks in and asks share some news with me too,Anita says just looking for some Job for Vibhu, Tiwari says that’s useless,I mean I’m sorry but he will never work,Anita says you are right but we need to do something and awaken the urge in him to work,Tiwari says tell him that you no longer earn as much as you use to and so to run the house you need vibhutis help,Anita says great idea,Vibhuti walks in,Tiwari says how will you manage bhabhiji,Anita says yes Tiwariji,Vibhuti asks what’s wrong baby,Tiwari says will you help anyways,Anita says my grooming classes are in loss and my income is half I used to,Vibhuti says oh god, Anita says now please start earring or else we will be on streets, Vibhuti says yes I will work I won’t let us be on streets Anu.

Prem with Dubai business man, Saxena plays music,Shaikh says where is this Gulfamkalis dance, gufamkali says sorry I can’t my leg is injured,Shaikh says Orem you cheat your deals cancelled,a voice come Shaikhji here’s Masakali for you,all are surprised to see A new dancer in Darbaar,Shaikh says mashala beautiful, happu walks in,and seeing Masakali gets very excited,and says who this new dancer is, Masakali says I’m here to spread love, and flirts with happu.shaikha says Masakali I can’t wait anymore please being your performance.Vibhuti as Masakali perfor,s for Shaikh.happu singh joins Masakali,and gets very close to her, bouncers throw him out.

Masakali says Shaikha I’m tired I will perfor, tomorrow now, shaikha says prem I’m impressed all your deals finalised I will like to see her tomorrow as well, prem says sure sure,Gulfamkali make sure this Masakali stays here, Gulfamkali says she is mine now I adopt her,prem and Shaikh leave.saxena says sister I shall take your leave now and leaves.

Gulfamkali says Masakali well done, where were you,Masakali says I was lost and then saw a ray of light and found it was from this bar and for my income choose it, Gulfamkali we deal here with fun and not body,Vibhuti says yes I know, Gulfamkali says Vibhuti you, Vibhuti says I’m he due to financial issues we will share the income it’s a secret between us, Gulfamkali says done deal.

Pre cap : Vibhuti tells anguri that he is offered a role in movie and asks angrui to teach him classical dance on Sheila ki jawani, anguri dances for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Happy new year bhabhi ghar par hai fans ????
    And vibhu was looking damm cute in masakali avtar. And precap is mast ….
    But one problem with show- draggging one episode whole week make it bore.. finish it with in 2.5 days like before… plźzz plzzzz

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