Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update Bike breaks fail

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu says Tiwari careful,Tiwari says what will I do the breaks aren’t working,anu says let me call Vibhu and tell him I will be late,Tiwari says no use what will he do to help us,anu says shut up.

Anguri says look there two scooter pass between them,Vibhu says it’s a truck,and says my phone is ringing please pick it and put to my ear and says yes baby what’s up,anu says I’m at classes what are you doing,Vibhu says cooking,how are you doing,anu says usual grooming,anu shouts,Vibhu asks what’s wrong,anu says cockroach,let me hit it and hits Tiwari.

Anu asks how was your day,Vibhu says usual cooking sleeping lazy day,anu says I hear truck noise,Vibhu says I’m in kitchen and a truck entered and troubling,anu says how come there’s no place,Vibhu says that’s the problem

bye baby now.

Malkhan says to happu 8 is too much,tikka says come with me uncle happu and wake with him to kitchen and says listen that is huge amount,listen let’s make it to 1 lakh,happu says my wife wants flat and so 5 lakhs,tikka says ok deal.

Anguri says let me call Tiwari, Vibhu says keep it short and sweet.anu praying and says Tiwari be careful,Tiwari says my phone is ringing please be careful, anu while trying to remove phone,Tiwari starts laughing,anu says is it funny here we are dying,Tiwari says it was tickling so, anu says it’s anguri and puts the phone to his ear, anguri asks where are you, Tiwari says at shop,anguri says I’m on terrace,removing dried clothes but one of your shirt is wet, Tiwari says let it dry you see its cold these days so may take time.

Anguri says okay and you come at your convenience take as much time as you want,Tiwari says daily you ask me to come early today how come you asking me to come late, anguri says I actually was busy in prayers so didn’t get time to cook food I will take time,anu says enough finish it and concentrate on riding the bike.tiwari says okay I shall call later bye.

Happu runs to malkhan calling him Tiwari and kisses him on his cheeks,Tiwari says oh you no longer upset, happu says what to do money you see I mean love you see, Kunal says why does your name plate read happu Singh,why isn’t it tiwari, happu says it’s happu Singh Tiwari which would make name plate bigger and how dare you doubt on police and shows him gun and says give him the money or else I shall shoot you.

Saxena walks in and says they are fraud, Malkhan says mamaji,saxena says I’m not your mama,tikka says mama don’t me upset come with me,saxena and tikka in kitchen,saxena says here take this vessel hit me hard very hard, tikka starts hitting saxena, saxena gets bottle guard and says now with this,tikka hits him bad,Kunal asks what’s going on,happu says greetings.

Tikka takes saxena out,saxena to malkhan says my son.anguri says Vibhuti,Tiwari is busy with clients I wish he gets te order I pray to god, Vibhu says we are on bike with breaks failed and you praying for order,anguri says yes,Vibhu starts crying ,anguri asks why are you crying,Vibhu says no look I’m smiling.

Tilu says look Pelu m, Tiwari hasn’t payed me past 6 months, Pelu hands him note which has te secret.anu says Tiwari we won’t survive,Tiwari says don’t worry at some point the petrol shall finish,anu says okay how long,Tiwari says I filled the tank full,anu says what are you mad,we can go Delhi in this Petrol,Tiwari says hood idea let’s go you have your aunt too there,anu pinched him and says here we are dying and you making plans to visit relatives.

Malkhan says Kunal you made me sign so many times,Kunal says last paper,tilu walks in,and says these two are fraud,and this happu has joined hands with them,Kunal asks who are you,tilu says I’m tilu Tiwari,Manmohans younger brother,malkhan says calm down give away your anger,tilu says I won’t until I get 6,malkhan says what will we get then,happu says one,tilu says no,Kunal asks what all is this,tikka says brother hood and says tilu come with me.

Anu says let me talk to my Vibhu before we die and calls him and says I love you and shouts,Vibhu says I love you too but what’s wrong,anu says a rat let me hit it and hits Tiwari,Vibhu says baby I love you a lot,anu says Vibhu May be you have done nothing,tiwari says it’s called useless,anu slaps him,and says Vibhu I always want to be your wife,Vibhu says same here,anu says baby miss me ok,Vibhu says you will miss me,anu asks why so,Vibhu says just saying,anu says Okay Vibhu bye.

Vibhu says bhabhiji the next life option is open,anguri asks what,Vibhu says ignore.gulfamkali to Pelu says my bar is vacant today any idea where all these men are,Pelu hands her the note.

Pre cap:tilu says Kunal you can hand over the money to my brother,gulfamkali says stop.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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