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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu saying yes he wants to do something great and wants his nation to go ahead. Anita says that’s nice and she is happy and proud of him and she will go all in Kanpur and tell all the people that my husband is no more a jobless man and he is an inspector. Vibhu says yes. Happu comes with coffee and vibhu says why so late? Happu says there were utensils too. Vibhu says okay, anita takes coffee and both drink coffee. They spit as there is no water. Vibhu insults happu singh and tells him to go and do other work. Anita says lets go and tell the people in town that you are no more jobless. Vibhu and anita go out when Tiwari comes there and says what is this new drama and laughs. Anita says vibhu has become the new inspector of the city, Tiwari says what and laughs.

Anita says he has actually become the inspector, Tiwari says who is that donkey who made him inspector and laughs. Vibhu goes and handcuffs Tiwari and says I am the inspector , he then shows him the id card and tells you called the commissioner donkey so you are arrested. Anita and vibhu go.
At tea stall, vibhu sits and asks for tea and anita says you should higher your standards. Vibhu says that when I was a jobless I came here and I am down to earth so that I have now become a big man I cant forget this place. Anita is proud of vibhu. A girl comes running and says that 2 me are teasing her and save her please as they trouble her everyday even when she goes to college. Anita says to vibhu what is this and a crime is happening in the town. Vibhu says don’t worry I will not leave those people. Vibhu asks the girl their description, girl says one is black and fat and other is slim and fair. Vibhu thinks its tika and malkhan, as they come, vibhu beats them to extreme pain, girl says they are not the men and someone else is. Vibhu says what and you should have told me before, tika and malkhan are crying and say this is not fair. Vibhu send the girl saying he will look into that matter, anita looks at vibhu. Vibhu says he is sorry as it is his first time and so mistakes happen.
At night anguri is feeding Tiwari food at the gate of vibhus house as thetre Tiwari has been handcuffed to the gate. Anguri says why did vibhu do this and he is misuing his uniform, happu says yes and he has made me servant and just look at me and I have to do all the work at hi house. Vibhu and anita come, anita says wow everyone gave us everything free. Vibhu comes and says help to anguri, anita says to Tiwari that she tried convincing vibhu but he is not listening. Anguri says to vibhu that leave Tiwari and he has not done anything. Vibhu tells happu to take anita inside, anita goes saying sorry. Vibhu leaves Tiwari and Tiwari goes home running. Vibhu tells anguri he did it only for her. Anguri is happy.
At night at home anita is there and she tells vibhu to romance with her at night as she always wanted to romance with a dashing police inspector. Vibhu says but he always romances with her, anita says with you now in your uniform I want to romance with you, vibhu says okay and they romance on a song. After its done, vibhu says I have to go as I have a project as I have to catch some drug suppliers. Anita says but you did not get any message, vibhu says that he did in the evening but he forgot now. Vibhu goes.
At anguris bedroom, anguri and Tiwari are sleeping. Vibhu enters and he says that anguri looks beautiful when she is sleeping, he then says now he will teach this tiwari a lesson. Vibhu hides a packet of drugs and then he points gun in tiwaris mouth and wakes both anguri and Tiwari, both are shocked and vibhu says he got news that drugs are supplied from here.

Precap: vibhu is dancing with anguri on a romantic song.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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