Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti comes out at exact 8.30 to take bhindi he sees the tiffin and gets happy and thanks bhabhiji for this bhindi and comes anita and asks him wat is he doing here lets go in and have dinner as she has made turrai for him and vibhuti tells her tat he had samosa at bhabhijis house so his stomach is having gasses and asks her to go n have dinner he will take a walk and come anita goes in vibhuti gets happy and decides to go and have bhindi but again anita comes out and very caringly says to vibhuti should she give u some medicine vibhuti says no u go inn and have dinner but anita says tat no she will wait for him to come after walk and goes and sits on chair behind him .
Vibhuti is thinking now how will he have bhindi and he sees saxena coming and saxena smells

bhindi and goes and open the tiffin and starts eating vibhuti sees him eating and shouts to go away and anita asks y r u shouting vibhuti says tat there is a dog there and so he is shouting and saxena finishes the entire tiffin and vibhuti gets very angry and anita asks wat happen is ur stomach aching so much should I call doctor and he says no and he wont have dinner now he cant eat anything now and anita gets very angry and then sees saxena and calls him and seeing him vibhuti hits him hardly and anita comes with a tiffin and gives him and asks him to eat it and she leaves and vibhuti hits him and saxena says he likes it and leaves.
That night vibhuti goes to kitchen to see if there is anything to eat but founds nothing next day morning manmohan comes to anitas house and says to her tat he needs a favor and tells tat the button of his shirt is to be fixed can she do it for him as anguri is gone to temple and he dream s tat anita is sewing the button romantically but gets back to reality wen anita gives him to wear a t-shirt and asks him to sit and sew the button and she tells tat she hates sewing a button as once instead of the shirt she sewed it in his chest and manmohan gets sad and leaves
Vibhuti goes to anguris house and anguri asks him how was bhindi and vibhuti gets sad and tells tat he could not eat it as saxena ate it and then anguri says not a problem she will make bhindi for him again and asks vibhuti to smile and vibhuti leaves vibhuti then meets the vegetable seller and asks him to give bhindi and manmohan comes and asks wat is this fingers of laila so bad person u are and vibhuti says tat he swears on anita and manmohan says no need swear on someone else and vibhuti swears on his mother he calls a vegetable fingers of laila and then they depart manmphan goes to his house and calls anguri darling bring some snacks for him anguri gets shy and he then asks her y do u always shy y don’t u reply as anita bhabhi does to vibhuti she says swett baby and anguri says y should she cal u baby wenn u r her husband and manmohan says tat u spoiled all the romance and then anguri tells manmohan about bhindi and y anita doesnot like bhindi and vibhuti wants to eat bhindi and manmohan then understands tat the fingers of laila is code for bhinid and then decides to play prank on vibhuti and he then calls him and talks to him in different voice and says tat he knows tat ur wife anita hates bhindi and u wanna eat it and vibhuti gets shocked and anita asks who is on phone and he says a friend from America and wen anita goes inside he asks who is on phone and then manmohan says tat he knows tat u r trying to have bhinidi and he will tell to his wife and vibhuti asks who r u and thinks may be he is tiwari and asks him to pronounce vibhuti he pronounces correct and vibhuti gets confirm tat he is not tiwari while tiwari on phone laughs and vibhuti asks him wat he wants and manmohan tells tat he should bring halwa from sweet shop and keep it near the pole on the opposite area of the sweet shop and vibhut says tat they are 2 opposite sides and manmohan says tat he will tell to anita and then vibhuti agrees.
Manmohan comes to meet anita and tells her tat he got very angry seeing a vegetable seller selling bhindi as he hates bhindi very much and and anita says tat u did rit as she also hates bhindi and manmohan asks does vibhuti eats bhindi and anita tells him tat he has not ate past 7 years and he wont dare to eat and manmohan ust asks wat if he eats anita says he wont but if he ate she will leave him and go and manmohan gets shocked to hear it and he then tells her tat he will not let vibhuti eat bhindi ever and leaves.
Vibhuti is seen taking bhindi from the vegetable seller and manmohan sees it and says to him tat he cant have bhindi and vibhuti says y cant he he will definitely have bhindi and manmohan tosses the bag up saying he wont let him have bhindi ever.

Vibhuti asks anguri to make bhindi but she refuses and tells tat manmohan has given her promise if he makes bhindi he will not talk to her and then manmohan then says to anita tat there have been kidnapping these days and anita says tat he need not worry as she is blue belt in karate and then manmohan asks him to show him and she asks him to touch her and he touches and she hits him hardly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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