Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malkha says it’s so sad I can’t see anguri bhabhi dying,she is so quite doesn’t laugh I’m so sad,happu said ays look he is right,malka says me tikka have decided to make our bhabhi smile,happu says u two drinking here come lets go make bhabhiji smile. Aniat with anguri,everyone walks in,Anita asks u all here what’s the news,Tika says we are here for entertaining bhabhi anguri,anguri says any mujra ir something,malka in tears says anything for u bhabhi,Saxena says so shall we start, anguri says yes yes plz,Saxena says so let’s begin with Tika,Tika reads wife bargaining a lot husband says cmon quickly,wife says in rush I have a husband like u but no adjustment in these veggies,only anguri laughs On tikkas joke,Anita says ok Good,Saxena says malkhan is

next, Malkha dances on sing Shila ki jawani,anguri enjoys it,Vibhuti n Tiwari get very emotional but try n hold themselves.

Anguri praises malka,Saxena says now after this vulgar dance here’s happu Singh with mujra,happu says what nonsense,Saxena says we always find u at gulfamkali dance bar so thought u learnt this to,happu slaps Saxena,Anita says ignore him do as u wish,happu says I will enact Amitabh Bachchan dewar films act,anguri says good good do ahead,happu enacts,malka throws a coin at happu sing, dishearten happu Singh takes his seat n asks Anita bhabhi how was it,Anita says good good nice,Vibhuti says u shd have been an mimicry artist,anguri says Vibhutiji u too plz do something,Anita says yes yes go ahead,Vibhuti with great pain stands, Anita asks what’s wrong with ur legs,where are ur shoes,Vibhuti says nothing just socks.

Vibhuti says I will narrate a story, a little bird was trapped with a crow n he use to hurt her a lot,always made her wash him clothes,Tiwari says but crows don’t wear clothes,Vibhuti says but this crow does cheap coloured shirts,n then a peacock fell in love with her but she never realised it n one day she flew away n the peacock nor the crow got her n Vibhuti starts crying,anguri says I don’t cry u narrated good story.

Anguri in balcony calls Amaji,Vibhuti behind her but she doesn’t know abt it,anguri says Amaji all were here down to entertain me but I feel so guilty bcoz I’m lying to them that I’m dying,Amaji says don’t worry have some fun n later tell them,anguri says yes let me see what all do they do now,but I’m not able to do household n I’m not liking it,amaji says take this as ur leave.vibhuyi says I’m happy ur fine but u lied n for that I hurt my leg n my money I will not leave that baba n leaves,anguri says bye see u soon.

Vibhuti with Tiwari walks to baba,n says I will not leave him he cheated me, remember spitting n that coal walk,baba comes n asks why U shouting,Vibhuti says give me my money or,baba shows knife n says give me whatever u have n takes all their belongings n leaves,Tiwari says u n ur foolishness look he robed us,Vibhuti says n FYI bhabhiji is fine, it was all an act, I have seen her talk n Anita knows it too, Tiwari says we walked on coal n still,Vibhuti says we,tiwari says u,Vibhuti says it’s tie for revenge n shares a plan,happu asks what u two doing here,kissing Tiwari,Vibhuti says I was sharing something in years,happu says anyways anguri bhabhi is waiting for u two n did u see a baba in orange hair,he is a big fraud.

Tiwari walks to Anita next morning,Anita asks why u look so upset,Tiwari says anguri soon will leave me n go now how will I survive this life,Anita’s ays it’s destiny, Vibhuti walks to them n says it’s not fair,Anita say su tell me why this tape,Vibhuti says socks torn anyways see Tiwari has whole life n so I think he shd remarry,Tiwari says what,Vibhuti says I know anguri bhabhi us ur wife but after her how will u live whole life,Tiwari says her memories,Vibhuti says see lets be practical u need someone n I have a girl in mind for u don’t mind,Tiwari says yes go ahead,Anita says how can u do this,Tiwari says I have to for my future.

Pre cap : a girl in ghungat,Vibhuti says this the girl Tiwari is marrying,anguri says so u really marrying, Tiwari says sadly yes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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