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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, tiwari says pammy leone has fallen for vibhuti, anita says u are taking them wrong, she takes him as a brother, tiwari says its just an act, anita says what u want do u want me n vibhu to get divorced, why are u trying to make me negative abt vibhu, tiwari says i was just helping, anita says thanku u may leave i trust my vibhu, tiwari says she is blindly trusting him n next time i will come with a proof.
Pammy calls tiwari n says plz can u come to my place i have some imp work, happu singh again in front of pammys house n tika n malka trying to go meet her, happu singh says don’t u have any work, tika says yes we have no work but what abt u why are u behaving like her bodyguard, happu singh slaps him n says get out, tiwari comes there , pammy comes out

n says tiwariji come in plz, i made pickle plz taste it, tiwari says ok get it here, pammy says no come in plz n pulls him in, tika says see vibhuti n tiwari are so lucky.
Pammy says tiwariji actually i have an thought, i am in love with vibhuti, tika n malkha trying to get in pammys house, vibhuti stops them n asks what are u doing, tika says tiwari is in so we are trying to see what are they doing, vibhuti slaps them n they go, vibhuti picks tiwaris chappals. Pammy says tiwariji on this thought plz give me a hug, tiwari says yes i will after all ur my sister n hugs her, pammy acts as if fainting n falls on tiwari.
Vibhuti takes tiwaris chappals to anguri n says ur husband is cheating u, anguri says dare u say anything such abt him, vibhuti says see look his chappals i found it at pammys house, anguri says no, tiwari enters n sees vibhuti n asks what are u doing here, anguri says forget him tell me where were u, tiwari says i went temple n someone robbed my chappals, vibhuti says these chappals i found it in pammys house, tiwari says stop lying what will i do at her house, anguri says to enjoy, tiwari says shutup, n vibhutiji i will kill u, u n pammy something is cooking between u, vibhuti says no its cooking between u two, vibhuti n tiwari get message from pammy calling urgently to her house, vibhuti n tiwari leave.
At pammys house, pammy gets her laptop n says i have something for u two a film an romantic film, vibhuti says u show it to tiwariji we have other relation u know, tiwari says i was to say same, pammy says its for u two just take a look, pammy plz video n its vibhuti n pammy dancing on romantic song, vibhuti says what is this, we were dancing on sibling song, tiwari says don’t lie, vibhuti says why will i, pammy says vibhu darling, vibhuti says didi u are my sister, tiwari says see what u did with bhabhiji i will now go n tell her, pammy says wait i have one more video, pammy plays it,its pammy n tiwari hugging eachother, vibhuti starts smiling looking at it n says look, tiwari says u were fainting n u are my sister, vibhuti says ur true face is out now,tiwari says don’t forget theres ur video too.
Pammy says u have such beautiful wives but still u both were flirting with me, vibhuti says its lie, tiwari says yes it is a lie, pammy says off course it is a lie but ur wives when they will see it they wont take it as a lie, tiwari says why are u doing this to me, pammy says u two were trying to trap eachother n now i have no time so quick give me 10 lakh each or else ur wives will have these videos, vibhuti says plz forgive me i have no money plz sister, tiwari says sister forgive me too from where will i bring so much money, pammy says u have 8 hrs get me money or the videos will be gone to ur wives.
Vibhuti n tiwari at tea stall, vibhuti says tiwariji anita will throw me out plz help me, she will give me divorce, tiwari says don’t worry i will take care of bhabhiji, i mean me n anguri will take care of her, vibhuti says u want me to get divorced, tiwari says no man, vibhuti says then plz give me 10 lakhs, tiwari says i have no money, i bought land few weeks back , vibhuti says then sell it, wait i have an idea we will bribe happu singh n he will help us, tiwari says very good option, happu singh comes there, vibhuti says oh hi we were looking for u.happu singh says later first can u plz give me 10 lakh, vibhuti asks why but, happu singh says pammy called me saying she has headache n when i went near her she made a video out of it n now she wants money to keep mum, tiwari says he is on the same ship as we are.

Precap: vibhuti dressed as a biker.
Pammy on call says i have two 10 lakhs traps , she turns n gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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