Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update Vinod the murderer.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari gets down the camera, everyone gets ready to watch the recording,hapu puts on the casette, Vibhu walks into Vibhas room, she hugs him, vibhu stabs her, Vibhu says thats not me, Vibha says i loved you but you killed me i will never leave you and always haunt you, Anu says vibhu what have you done, vibhu says i have done nothing baby, it’s not me,Angoori says i didnt expect this from you, Anu says i hate you Vibhuti,Hapu says you are under arrest,saxen says hang him till death,Hapu says dont tell me what to do.

Vibhuti says that not me in video,Hapu says find a lawyer to prove that and now go behind the bars. Anu says to Angoori i didnt think in my wildest dreams vibhu would do this, Angoori asks her to calm down, Tiwari says i feel bad too, Anu says i feel vibhu isnt lying,it

wasnt video, Tiwari says but camera wont lie,Anu says but the body language wasnt, it was someone else, Tiwari asks how will you prove this is court because they will believe video clip,Meenal and anurag vinod walk in,Anu says vibhu hasnt and i know it,anu recognises vinods body language to the one in video and says it was you in video,you killed vibha, Vinod says why will i,Anu says we will go police station.

Anu in police station keeps claiming Vinod is the murderer,Vinod asks why are you blaming me,Anu says because you are,you have habit to raise your shoulders in tension and so does the man in video and vibhu never,lets check in video,everyone chceks video again.Vibhu says good observation Anu, Hapu says this isnt enough, Anu starts arguing, Meenal says lets focus on getting lawyer,the video continues,vinod takes off his mask, vibhu says vibha look, everyone shocked after seeing the truth, Tiwari says bhabhiji was so right thus vinod is the murderer, Anu asks why did you murder her,Vinod says because she loved Vibhu and not me,Vibhu feels Vibha missing.

Amu apologies to vibhu for misunderstanding him,Anu asks why did he hide it,Vibhu says girls usually dont entertain such things and find it odd,Anu says its fine,Tiwari says i never had any,Vibhu says please anywyas who will ever fall in relationship with you and both get into an argument.Anu says seriously bachelor life and married life are two different things and never try to mix them,Angoori says true and Vibhuti im sorry for misunderstanding you,Vibhu says its all cool.Tiwari says thank me i caught the murderer,Vibhu says its Angoori and anu,Anu says some credits to him as well he was there all the time, Vibhu and Tiwari again get in an argument.

Vinod in jail,vibha on his back, singing her favourite song.Boys hapu and doctor at tea stall having drinks,a women in saree comes there and sacres them calling herself as vibha,Its Gulfamkali pulling out a prank on them and asks them to perform for her,all do so to get rid of ghost, Gulfamkali reveals its her, and says it was just a little prank, boys ask her to dance along with them and she joins them.

pre cap: Tiwari and boys insult Vibhuti on his unemployment. Saxena introduces Vibhuti as towns best salons hair dresser.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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