Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari’s hand shivering to touch anita’s hand. She says your hand is shivering you can’t do it let it be. He says no no wait. He then again tries to take her hand n takes her hand n then touches it n keeps looking at her. She says u wont be able to do it. Let it be. He then tells her to close her eyes n he’ll draw on her hand. She closes her eyes n he keeps looking at her romantically. He theb tells it’s done. He has drawn the mehendi. She opens her eyes n shouts n says which wife will want on her karwa chauth’s day a brinjal to be drawn as her mehendi. She gets angry n goes. Vibhuti says that i feel so good to do angoori’s work. He then sits down to take the cloth to sweep n tiwari comes n says so finally u got a job

here only of a servant n smirks. Vibhuti says no i am not doing any work this angoori had done i was fainting so i came here to take this cloth ti wipe my face. Tiwari says yes i forgot u dont have money to buy a handkerchief also so u ll use this cleaning cloth only. He laughs. Angoori comes n asks what happened. Tiwari tells her. She says don’t use this cloth i ll give u another one wait n throws a dry sweeping cloth. Vibhuti thinks angoori is so innocent. He then tells her see tiwari is so tired n makes him sit down n wipes his face forcibly with the sweeping cloth n goes. Angoori asks him should i wipe yous face? He says shut up n she goes. Tiwari is sitting n says i am missing roti’s more than anita. He takes a magazine n sees all food’s pictures. He says i an feeling restless n hungry oh god what to do now. Angoori comes n says you might be hungry break you fast. Tiwari says no i love you so i ll keep the fast. Angoori blushes. He tells her to tell him a story. She tells him king n queen’s story, farmer’s story n then elephant n monkey’s but all of them include food. Tiwari gets irked n goes. Vibhuti is roaming out n says i feeling very hungry. Saxena comes n starts eating samosa. Vibhuti gets more appetited seeing it. He tells saxena to go n eat somewhere else. Saxena refuses. He then starts slapping saxena n anita comes n says why are you hitting him. He says i told this saxena to go n eat somewhere else as i am fasting but he is not listening. Anita says you know that he is nad so u should have come inside. She says fast is not kept like this see look at tiwari how peacefully he has kept fast n look at you. She then takes vibhuti inside n he while going tells saxena that samosa should be poisonous n etc. Tiwari is sitting at home n vibhuti disguises his voice n calls tiwari n tells that your shop is on fire go quickly or you’ll become bhikari instead of tiwari. He runs n goes. Vibhuti thanks pellu n pellu gives him a chit n says give 20 Rs/- or i’ll tell tiwari. He gives him. Anita calls him up n tells him to come n pick her up as she has sprained her leg. He tells pellu to come but he refuses saying he is on holiday. Vibhutu gets irked n pellu laughs. At home vibhuti is massaging anita’s leg. She says you are such a good husband u kept fast for me n now you are massaging my leg also it’s so sweet of you. She says you remember last year i was at mummy’s place for karwa chauth. At that time she had so delicious food. She takes all the dishes name n he imagines chicken tandoori n is about to eat her leg but water falls from his mouth. She says from where did thus water fall on her leg. He says it’s from his mouth. He says stop taking dishes names i feeling hungry. She says u should think only about me n no one else not even food. He gets irked. The episode ends.

Precap:- Tiwari n angoori lock the gate n go out. Vibhuti says i ll take saree for angoori. He goes from ladder in her room n keeps saree he is about to get down but saxena takes the ladder. He is going to go through the entrance but tiwari comes by then. He goes in room n thinks what to do n looks at saree.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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