Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari standing and showing signs of gorilla. The thief says i will bash you again. Tiwari says yes? And then picks him up from one hand and starts hitting and bashing him. He runs away.
Tiwari goes and sleeps at night. There his feelings are like a gorilla and he is having a lot of gas in his body. Tiwari suddenly snaps and starts pressing tilus neck. He almost chokes him but then stops. Tilu says what are you doing? Tiwari gets up and says what did i do? Tilu says you tried to strangle me. Tiwari says what and then he starts making noises of gorilla and acts like it. Tilu gets scared. Tiwari says what happened? Tilu says you are acting weird. Tiwari says just sleep now. They both sleep.
At night there vibhu gets up and is feeling weird and a wolf. He

goes down. There in the shadow its shown he becomes a wolf and starts howling.
Next day happu singh comes at tea stall where vibhu is there. Saxena brings malkhan with him who is injured badly and has bruises and scars of wolf claws. Happu singh asks what happened? Malkhan tells he got bitten and clawed by a wolf and is scared and there is a wolf on the loose. Tiwari also comes. Vibhu starts acting like a wolf and shows signs of it. Then vibhy smiles and goes away. Everyone is shocked as they see vibhu. Tiwari starts acting like gorilla and releases heavy breathes. Everyone is looking at him as he makes weird noises. Tiwari goes too. Everyone is shocked to see them weird.
There moms face has become on one side and as it pains. Mom says her vein must have got pressed. Tilu comes with samosa and tells dont make that face and i have made it with hardwork. Mom says her vein got pressed so its that face. Tilu says oh then you should shownit to the doctor. Tiwari comes and gets scared and says what happened to your face? Mom says vein got pressed. Tilu says mom its because of tiwari as he calls you cow. Mom says what? Tiwari says no mok he is bluffing. Tiwari then makes faces and noises and makes face similar to moms. Tilu says see mom he is teasing you. Mom says what and then brings a big spoon and starts hitting tiwari.
At night vibhu again gets up this time becoming a wolf and makes noises and goes out. Anita sees this and is scared. She sees him from the balcony and gets scared.
Next day on tv anita sees news that gulfam kali was tortured by a wolf and happu singh says he will look into the matter. Vibhu comes. Anita switched tv off and gets scared. Vibhu says i will go and make tea. Anita says no let it be and i will manage.

Precap: anita tells doctor that vibhu is acting like a wolf and please see what has happened to him. Doctor comes and check. Vibhu says i like the smell of your blood.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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