Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update Maid team caught red handed

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu calls Tiwari,and says im Basantis husband calling if i miss behave with your wife like you did with mine,would you like it,Tiwari says let’s forget all that,Vibhu says get one lakh near big tree by 8.5 or else I will lodge a complaint against you.

Tiwari and Angoori visit Anu,Anu says welcome Angoori but im sorry people like him aren’t, Tiwari says you taking me wrong,Angoori says you are misunderstood,its actually pandit Ramphals solution to avoid our divorce and it was to molest maid,Anu says what nonsense is this,Angoori says this is why he kissed her, Tiwari says and her husband is black mailing me for a lakh.Amaji calls and tells Angoori there was a mistake,the solution was actually to get Rakhi tied up from her. Tiwari says oh no,her husband will kill me.

says i have an idea dont worry.

Tikka Tilu Vibhu hiding in auto,all others near by the tree, Commissioner Happu and Tiwari one by one keep money and leave.Vibhu says come let’s go,all shocked to see them, Vibhu says take your shares,Tikka says this was fun, only evil brain like yours can think of this, Tiwari says are we just gonna wait and watch,Happu points gun and them and all walk to them.Commissioner says surrender,Vibhu says hello to everyone,and says we are innocent,Anu says shame on you, Angoori says i hate you, Tiwari says you are fraud.vibhu says im sorry.

David and Bhorilal fighting for Basanti, both get physical, Tiwari’s and Mishras arrive there are shocked to see them, Angoori says go stop them, Tiwari says they are drunk nothing will happen,Anu asks what drama is this,Vibhu says i know for who this is,David says Basanti is mine,Anu says she won’t go anywhere,David asks why, Anu says because there is no Basanti,Bhorilal asks meaning,Anu says because Vibhu played Basanti, Vibhu says these two are loose character,Angoori says thats so hurtful,both leave.
Vibhu says c’mon baby let’s go.

Chimato says Saxena its two days you are behind me,stop this,Saxena says kill me or else i will,Chimato says i will kill myself and sstabs and says god this knife is fake,Saxena says right Tilu

Meenal and Anurag at Mishras for lunch, Vibhu insults Anurag,Meenal gets hyper,Anu says relax,meenal says what you have my Anurag is rich,Vibhu says I have mother who owns 10 crore property. Tiwari on call with Agarwal and says yes i will check with Tilu,Tilu walks in all beaten,Tiwari asks wheres two lakhs order,Tilu says tempo met with an accident,tempo caught fire look at me,Tiwari says 2 lakhs loss with tempo as well.

Tilu says how greedy of you,gear God atleast.Angoori walks to them and asks why hit poor person and Tilu whats wrong,Tilu says tempo met with an accident,Angoori says oh please take a seat are you hurt,Tilu says my heart is and if it was not your married life i would have killed someone,Tiwari says how dare you.Angoori says leave him.

Tiwari says he is reason behind my loss,Angoori says show some humanity or else i will call Amaji,and Tilu you sit here I will get some milk and food and leaves.Tilu says im in pain how about some alcohol sir.

Pre cap: Prem tells Happu has arrested Vibhu and Tiwari

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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